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Keep Your Spa Tub in Top Shape with These Tips

On Jul 16, 2018

Keep Your Spa Tub in Top Shape with These Tips

You are the proud owner of a spa tub! Congratulations! You have now earned the title of Best Neighbor Ever. Your evenings soaking in your spa tub are completely relaxing whether you are with your significant other or a tub full of friends. All this relaxing is great, but it only happens when your spa tub is working. Being a hot tub owner requires equipment maintenance. If you want your spa tub to stay in top shape, check out these tips.

Keep Your Spa Tub in Top Shape with these Tips

Don't be scared thinking you are in over your head as a spa tub owner. Keeping your spa tub running in top shape is not hard. To make it even easier, follow these few easy tips.

Check Levels

Check your pH levels regularly to make sure you have a proper balance of 7.4 - 7.6. Chlorine is an essential ingredient to keeping your spa tub running great, so staying on top of this is vital.

Another level you will want to keep your eye on is the water level. Similar to swimming pools the water level in your spa tub should be about one third the distance from the top of the skimmer while the pump is on. All jets should be below the water level.

Track Temperature and Time

Most people enjoy the temperature of the spa tub to be between 100° and 102°. The temperature should never exceed 104°. The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals provide these recommendations regarding how much time you spend in your spa tub:

“Don’t soak for longer than 15 minutes in 104° F water. In lower temperatures (e.g., 98.6° F “normal” body temperature), most people can safely soak for longer periods.”

Additional precautions need to be taken for children and pregnant women. If you have concerns about what is right for you, you should contact your physician.

Be Energy Efficient

There are several ways you can be energy smart about your spa tub. For starters, make sure you invest in a quality cover. Having a quality cover will reduce the amount of heat that can escape. In addition to the cover, a floating thermal blanket reduces evaporation as well as aids in keeping the cover from becoming waterlogged.

Check for Leaks

Another tip is to make sure you check your spa tub filter regularly to confirm that it is not clogged. Clogged filters do not circulate the water properly causing the pump to work harder.

A clogged water filter can cause your pump to leak which can cause large utility bills as well as even larger headaches.

If you identify a spa tub leak while working to keep your spa tub in top shape contact Aquaman Leak Detection. Our licensed contractors service commercial and residential spa tubs throughout all of Florida.

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