How to Patch a Pool with Water in it

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Pool Leaks: Understanding How They Happen and When to Take Action

On Apr 27, 2016


Pool leaks that are caught in the early stages are easy to fix, and they will preserve the life of your pool or spa tub. Leaks waste water and can cause major problems if they are not repaired immediately.

Pool leaks can be caused by:

  • Cracks and tears in the pool surface
  • Loose niches and attachments
  • Broken piping
  • Motor and pump problems

These are major causes of leaking pools and spa tubs. They can be remedied if caught as soon as they happen.

Checking Your Pool

Make a point of checking your pool and/or spa surface on a regular basis. Run your hands along the surface underwater. Look at tiles and fittings, such as handrails, and make sure they are not loose. You may need a mask and snorkel to check the pool underwater.

Another place to check is the skimmer. The connection between the plastic skimmer and the pool may become lose requiring reattachment. This can be a do-it-yourself job using pool putty.

Pay close attention to the drain. The drain fitting may have come loose and simply needs repairing or replacing. This is the time to call Aquaman Leak Detection unless you are a diver. The repair is quick and your pool will not have to be drained.

Cracks may happen in older pools. Gunite, a mixture of concrete and sand, has a coating that can wear off in some areas over many years. Small cracks and fissures can be repaired without draining the pool. Complete resurfacing requires a dry pool.

Fiberglass pools and spa tubs should be checked for spider-like cracks in the surface. The outside of above-ground tubs and pools can be easily inspected.

Vinyl tubs above ground and in-ground must be checked for tears. These tears can be fixed with a patch kit. This must be done immediately to preserve the pool.

Plumbing Systems

The pump system needs to be looked at when it is turned on. Check to see if it starts up and begins to circulate water without drips on the floor of the pump areas. The shaft seal and impeller are important components that are easy to replace if your see water dripping on the floor. This is one of the first places to inspect for a leak. This should be repaired by a professional familiar with pool pump systems.

Finding plumbing leaks below the ground is more difficult. Aquaman Leak Detection has state-of-the-art sound equipment that will locate leaking pipes under your decking. The cause of an underground leak can be a loose connection or a hole in an old pipe. Don't tear up your decking to find the leak if you find excessive water around your pool and landscaping.

Florida is known for having great swimming pools and spa tubs. Pool leaks can happen anytime and they should be repaired immediately to protect your investment in your pool, hot tub or other water elements. Aquaman serves all of Florida with fast and thorough services, including emergencies. Contact us to learn more.

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