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Pool Supplies You Should Always Keep in Stock

On Jan 15, 2018

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It never fails, while doing your routine swimming pool maintenance, you discover the pH balance is low, and you have no supplies in stock. If you are a pool or hot tub owner, you know that you must keep various supplies available.

Pool Supplies You Should Keep in Stock Include:

  • Chemicals
  • Water test kit
  • Spare filters for some pump systems
  • Skimmer net
  • Vacuum


The recommended pH balance for fiberglass pools is 7.3-7.5; for most other pools it’s 7.4 to 7.6. There are various types of chemicals used to maintain the acid-alkaline or pH balance. You will measure the pH balance by using a water test kit.

There are several types of water test kits available that contain liquids known as reagents to mix with pool water in special bottles. The color of the reagent and water mix determines the level of various chemicals in the water. You can also use test strips that fit into a digital reader after you dip them in pool water.

The test kits measure chlorine levels, muriatic acid, bromine, calcium, hardness and cyanuric acid levels among other chemicals. Saltwater pools have separate water test kits that measure salinity and sanitizing chemicals.

The additives should be available when the water is tested to prevent the buildup of algae, bacteria and calcium deposits. Various types of pools and hot tubs use different chemicals. Occasionally, the pool may need to be shocked with extra strong chlorine and other chemicals. The special shock treatment package should be in your pool supplies in case you need to do this based on the result of your water tests.

Pool sanitizers are available in liquid or tablet form. Natural enzyme liquids are used in some pools to keep the water clean. When using a pool sanitizer, the pH balance still must be checked on a regular basis.

Spare Parts and Cleaners

Other pool supplies include lubricants for motor parts and spare valves, O-rings and other fittings. Some pool pump systems take filter cartridges that are easy to change. Other pumps recommend backwashing the filter.

There are many cleaners on the market, including robotic suction cleaners that will remove dirt and grime from the sides of concrete and fiberglass pools. Pools should be vacuumed at least once a week when they are in use.

Necessary pool supplies include products for hand cleaning parts of a hot tub or pool, especially the tiles. Hot tubs may only need brushing to remove dirt and send it down the drain. But the sides of hot tubs and pools should also be scrubbed with a soft brush to remove body oils. This is important in pools and spa tubs with tile work.

Many swimmers and bathers have sun lotions on their bodies, and they don't shower before entering the pool or hot tub. Body oils may also adhere to the sides of the hot tub as people lean against the walls of the tub. The oils can lower calcium levels and add foam to hot tub water.

Skim nets and leaf rakes on telescopic poles work in both pools and hot tubs. The mesh skimmer net removes leaves and twigs floating in the pool. The screen leaf net will go deeper to remove debris from the water. The brush is used to sweep debris from the sides of the pool towards the drain.

Preventative swimming pool and spa tub maintenance is an essential part of ownership. Keeping these pool supplies in stock will help the work go quickly. It’s also important to continue to check for leaks and catch them early.

Call Aquaman Leak Detection if you suspect a leak in your pool or hot tub. A leak can upset the pH balance and plumbing system. Aquaman is located in Brevard County serves all of Florida with immediate service.


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