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Swimming Pool Leak Detection: When to Call the Pros

On Mar 20, 2017

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When you notice that the water level in your pool has decreased, you’ll want to make sure it’s not caused by a leak. First, rule out evaporation as the cause by doing a simple bucket test. If results of the bucket test signify a swimming pool leak, it’s time to call in the pros.

Plumbing Lines

A professional pool leak detection service will find leaks in the pool's complex plumbing system. The decking around your pool will not need to be completely removed. Aquaman uses a patented ultrasound system to pinpoint a crack or tear in the intake or return lines beneath the deck.

Two or three plumbing lines carry water from the pool's drains and skimmer to the filter system. The lines merge into one line near the pump motor and filter assembly. Water on the floor of the pump room is an indication that one of the lines is broken or there is a loose fitting leading into the filtration system.

Filtered, chlorinated and heated water is pumped back to the pool in one line. A break in this line will also cause leaks and the pool will not fill. Dirt may also enter the pool.

PVC piping is generally used in pool plumbing. It is durable and it will withstand wet soil. But tiny cracks happen occasionally that can lead to larger tears if they are not immediately repaired.

Pool Shell

Gunite and concrete pools have a plaster coating that can crack. The plaster may peel away with age. These underwater cracks can grow and lead to leaks. A red dye is generally used in swimming pool leak detection. The dye is sucked into the leak. A special epoxy material is used to fill the cracks. The pool does not have to be drained.

This is a job for a skilled technician. Aquaman has professional divers with the equipment necessary to find and fix the leak. A loose drain at the bottom of the pool can be reattached by a professional diver.

The attachment at the skimmer assembly can become loose or it can crack. This is another area that is easy for a professional to repair with the right materials. Aquaman's repair people also inspect all fitting and corners for leaks and cracks.

Vinyl pools are subject to tears and stretching at the top of the pool where it is attached to the frame. We are experienced in repairing vinyl pool surfaces to protect tears from expanding.

Fiberglass pool shells rarely crack unless they are hit with a very hard object. The fittings, including ladders and drains, should be checked periodically.

Swimming pool leak detection is our job at Aquaman in Indian Harbour Beach. We service Brevard County and all of Florida repairing leaks in hot tubs, fountains and foundations.  We will locate a leak and repair it immediately. We carry the strongest industry warranty on our work. Give us a call today.

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