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Swimming Pool Spring Cleaning Steps the Pros Recommend

On Mar 5, 2018

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With warmer days arriving it’s time to pull back the winter pool cover and get your backyard ready for summer days relaxing by the pool. While spring cleaning your home, take time to also focus on your swimming pool. A thorough scrub at the beginning of the season will decrease the amount of time spent on maintenance on the hottest summer days. Get your backyard, swimming pool and spa tub in top shape in no time with our recommendations for spring cleaning.

Consider these Pool Spring Cleaning Steps the Pros Recommend

Spruce Up Your Grounds

Winter weather brings extra debris into your yard. This buildup, in addition to your shrubbery and grass slowly growing combine to make your backyard look less like an oasis and more like a forest. Before you uncover the pool take time to trim bushes or tree branches, mow the lawn and clear flower beds.

If your swimming pool has flower pots or beds that surround it take time to prep them for fresh plants before you remove the winter pool cover. Pull weeds and dead plants including roots. Top off your pots and beds with fresh soil. If the timing lines up you can also add plants to brighten up the space.

Debris will pile up in the corners of your yard and around equipment such as your pool pump. Turn off the equipment and then make sure to clear away any leaves and branches that have attached themselves to all your pool parts.

Scrub Off Grime

Decks and cement will also develop layers of winter dirt. Spray down the pool surroundings and sweep any yard debris off the area as well. Once your yard is back in oasis shape you can remove your pool cover with less risk of yard debris falling into the water.

Give your winter pool cover a thorough cleaning before rolling it up to store for the warmer months. Lay the cover out on a solid surface and take time to clean off any buildup of grime. Use a hose or brush for tougher areas. For very troublesome sections a mild detergent may help remove mold.

You will likely still find that some leaves have slid through the pool cover even with your precautions. Clear as much away as you can by both skimming and vacuuming the bottom. While the water level is still lower it’s also the best time to scrub the sides of the pool with a stiff brush.

Check for Leaks

It’s possible a crack or tear has developed over the winter months. If the water level is lower than you expected take extra time to check your pool for a leak.

Common areas that develop leaks in the winter include:

  • Skimmer assembly
  • All ladders and metal fittings
  • Pump room floor
  • Decking around the pool

Balance the Pool Chemicals

Your last cleanup step in the spring cleaning process is to balance your pool chemicals. You will want to fill the pool back to its optimal level first. Next measure the pool pH balance and add chlorine and bromine as needed. Read more about proper chemical balance for your fresh or saltwater pool here.  

While spring cleaning your swimming pool if you discover a leak contact Aquaman Leak Detection. We are often able to detect and repair a leak with one service call. With over 15 years of experience, we pride ourselves on doing the most thorough pool leak detection. The extended warranty we can offer our clients speaks to the pride we take in our work.

A Beginner's Guide to Swimming Pool Maintenance


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