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What to do if Your Pool Loses Water in the Winter

On Nov 27, 2017

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Does it look like the cover of your pool is lower? Is there water on the grass or cement that doesn’t seem to be weather related? If your covered pool loses water in the winter, you probably have a leak. You need to roll back the cover occasionally and check the water level. If it is lower than usual, you should check for leaks and fix them immediately to avoid further damage.

An uncovered pool will lose water in the winter to evaporation in the same way it does during the summer. But the water loss is only about a quarter-inch on average during a 24-hour period when the pool is not in use. An uncovered or covered pool can have problems in the plumbing lines or pump.

Areas to Check for Leaks When Your Pool Loses Water in the Winter:

  • Skimmer assembly
  • All ladders and metal fittings
  • Pump room floor
  • Decking around the pool

These are areas that are easy to inspect during the winter when you have closed the pool for the season. You may have to uncover the pool to check the fittings and skimmer basket and confirm they have not come loose. This can happen at any time, even when the pool has stayed covered.

Water on the deck of a tightly covered pool is an indication of a plumbing line leak. The under deck line could be loose, or it may have a break. Your pool may also have a crack in the wall surface or the vinyl lining. Ignoring a small pinhole tear in a vinyl pool increases water loss.

Small tears can develop into a significant problem with a vinyl pool above the ground. Remove the cover if a heavy rain is predicted. The weight of the water on the pool cover may cause additional stress on a torn lining causing it to collapse. Check the vinyl pool's surface for small holes and tears before you close it for the winter.

Check Hot Tub Spas

The hot tub spa may be used all year even when attached to a covered swimming pool. If the two units are connected, you need to check fittings and the skimmer in the spa tub for leaks. Make sure the intake line is not clogged and that the jets are below the water line.

Pools and spas should be covered when not in use. This holds in the heat, limits evaporation and helps the pool or spa tub stay clean. You will need fewer chemicals for the recommended 7.5 pH balance.

The Pump System Can Leak

The pump system that circulates the water should be on for eight hours every day to keep the pool and spa tub in working condition. The water will pass through a chlorinator in some pool filter systems. Water on the pump room floor is an indication of a leak if the pool loses water in the winter while the motor is on.

Florida may have cold weather during part of the winter, but the temperatures warm up quickly when the days get longer in the spring. This is the attraction of the Sunshine State. Your outdoor pool won’t go for long without use, so don't ignore it during the colder months.

Contact Aquaman Leak Detection at any time if your pool loses water in the winter. The earlier you catch a leak, the less damage, it will cause.

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