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How to Choose a Winter Pool Cover

On Oct 23, 2017

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A good winter pool cover will protect your pool when you are not using it. This type of pool cover fits tightly over the pool, and it may attach to special mounts or pegs in your deck. These sturdy covers keep the pool clean through the months it’s not in use. You won’t need to brush, vacuum or replace chemicals with the right winter pool cover and you can run the pump less frequently.

A tight-fitting security winter pool cover for in-ground pools is made to protect animals and people who may step on it. The cover will also hold in evaporation and help your pool maintain its proper water level even when it is not in use. Remove rainwater before rolling back the cover when reopening the pool.

Types of Covers

The security cover may look a bit like a trampoline, but jumping onto the cover should never occur. Spring-loaded straps anchor it to the concrete deck. The cover materials are vinyl, which does not allow any water to pass through to the pool and they limit evaporation. This cover may need a small pump to remove rainwater, or it can be brushed or vacuumed off.

Mesh varieties of pool covers are also available. They fit tightly, but rainwater does go through. Make sure to add chemicals as soon as you remove the cover if the water is murky. Don’t be concerned with a lower water level as some evaporation will occur naturally.

Solar covers will help keep the water warm even during winter. You may want to use your pool on a random warmer day during Florida's pleasant winter months. A solar blanket will attract rays from the sun while it keeps the pool clean. A solar cover will reduce costs because the heater will not need to run as frequently to maintain a comfortable water temperature.

Solar covers look like bubble wrap, and they are available in different thicknesses. They roll over the pool, and they may be held in place if they extend over the edges. Other solar blankets just cover the water. They will not stop child or animal from falling into the water.

The solar blanket is used with the bubble side down. The bubbles keep the blanket floating, and they act as a magnifying glass to heat the pool from the sun. The roller reel makes it easy to remove and replace the solar cover. It can be used all year to protect and heat the pool.

Stand-alone spa tubs usually have separate insulated covers since they are put to use all year. In-ground hot tubs connected to a pool may also have an independent cover allowing quick access for spa tub enjoyment during cold weather.

Cover Sizes

Pool covers come in standard sizes in round, oval and rectangular shapes for in-ground and aboveground pools. Freeform pools will probably need customized covers to accommodate the pool's shape. Some solar covers can be cut into smaller panels and placed in the pool individually. This system is for pools in unique shapes that cannot conform to the standard sizes.

You can permanently anchor reels for covers to the ground at one end of the pool, or they can be portable units. You can store portable units for the summer, however, keeping the pool covered all year when not in use is always recommended.

Always check the water level after removing the pool cover. Be on the alert for possible leaks if the water level is near the bottom of the skimmer assembly. Contact Aquaman Leak Detection for immediate leak repairs throughout Florida.

How to Prepare Your Florida Pool for Winter


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