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Preparing Your Pool for Winter

On Nov 21, 2016

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It may get cold enough in Central Florida for you to close down your swimming pool for a few months. The temperature usually drops in November, making swimming a less desirable outdoor activity. You may still be using your outdoor spa tub, however.

There are several steps to take to prepare your pool for the winter:

  • Clean the pool and remove all debris.
  • Check the pH balance and chlorine levels.
  • Cover the pool.
  • Turn off the heater for the pool.

You may have a solar heating system with your cover that keeps your pool heated when the sun is out. This passive system does not use energy and it may keep the pool warm enough in the winter for occasional use.

Pool Covers

Your hot tub spa should have a separate cover that holds in the heat at all times when the tub is not in use. The spa should also have a separate heater system since it is warmer, even if it is attached to a larger swimming pool. Keep this heater on and continue to check the pH balance and chlorine levels if you are using the spa tub during the colder months.

An in-ground or above ground pool cover should fit tightly to protect the swimming pool from wind, rain, and debris. You will not have to sweep the pool as long as it is covered.

Solid winter covers for in-ground swimming pools are heavy enough to protect people and pets from falling into the water if they stumble onto that area. You may decide to use this type of pool cover or a mesh winter cover.

Chemical Balance

The pH and chlorine levels in the pool must be checked. There are kits available for closing the pool that add extra chemicals to prevent the build-up of algae. Follow the direction on the kit.

You need to maintain a good pH balance even when the pool is not in use. Check the chemical balance and water level during the winter months even if your pool is covered.

Pump and Filter

Remove water from the pump and filter system. Clean the filters based on the type of filtration system. Use filter cleaner or backwash the system according to directions.

Florida residents rarely have to be concerned about freezing pipes. Even when the temperature dips during the night, it usually warms up enough during the day so that pipes in the ground don't freeze. You might consider turning off the entire system if the weather report predicts freezing temperatures during January or February.

You may decide to continue using the pump system and heater for the spa tub. You may be able to turn it on only when the spa is in use, depending on the type of tub. The cover will hold in heat. The heater and entire pump system can be turned off if you do not have a spa tub attached to the swimming pool.

Check for Leaks

It is a good idea to check the water level in the pool occasionally even when it is not in use. A covered pool will have less evaporation than one that remains uncovered. You should check all fittings where the metal meets the pool surface before covering the pool.

It's important to maintain your pool, even when not in use. Call Aquaman Leak Detection if you suspect a leak in the swimming pool and its plumbing system. The leak can be fixed immediately before you winterize the pool. Aquaman is headquartered in Brevard County, FL and services all of Florida, with commercial and residential pool leak services.

How to Prepare Your Florida Pool for Winter


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