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The 10 Biggest Swimming Pool Maintenance Mistakes

On Oct 24, 2016


The biggest mistake that swimming pool and spa tub owners make is ignoring the necessary maintenance needed to keep their pools in good working condition. This applies to in-ground and above ground pools in all materials.

Here are the 10 Biggest Swimming Pool Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid:

  1. Not checking the water level is neglecting the pool or hot tub. It is very easy to keep your eyes on the water level, especially if you use a pool or spa tub cover. If the water level is below the recommended level, you should check for leaks with the simple bucket test.
  2. Many pool owners neglect to check fittings and tile work on a regular basis. A railing leading into the pool or tub should be tight at all times. The railings and ladders are safety features for easy entry and exit from the pool. A loose railing can lead to a leak as well as an accident.

  3. Broken tile or grout can also erode the surface and cause a leak. Check tiles, especially at the water line. Keep the tile clean. Algae and plaque build-up from chemicals are hard to remove.

  4. Ignoring excess water on the decking next to the pool can lead to costly issues. Excess water on the decking can be the sign of a broken intake line under the deck. A crack in the decking by the pool rim can also lead to leaks.

  5. Ignoring debris in the skimmer will cause problems. Leaves, twigs, hair, and other debris should always be removed. The skimmer assembly should be secure. Keep the filters clean in the pump system.

  6. Adding chlorine and other swimming pool liquid chemicals during the day is a waste. Add them in the early evening when you are not using the pool and less evaporation will occur. You can add chemicals to an outdoor spa tub after using it in the evening. Cover it to hold in the heat and chemicals.

  7. The pH balance of the water must always be checked and pool owners often forget to do this every two or three days. The pH balance is most important with jetted spa tubs. The recommended pH balance between acidity and alkalinity should be around 7.0 to get the most out of the chlorine. Alkalinity should be between 80-140 PPM for clean water.

  8. Ignoring loose or broken drains and suction sources will lead to larger problems, including leaks.

  9. The pump room area must be checked for water on the floor and other indications of broken fittings. The pump should be run at the recommended intervals to keep water circulating and the pool clean even when it is not in use.

  10. Not brushing the pool leads to a build-up of dirt and algae on the surface walls. Pools should probably be brushed daily when the pool is used. Using the swimming pool vacuum will remove harmful debris from the bottom.

These are only a few of the maintenance items that are important. It is necessary to check pool and spa tub covers to make sure they fit properly. Above ground pools and tubs often come with covers to use when the pool is closed. These covers protect the pool from debris, hold in heat and prevent evaporation. Many in-ground pools have covers as well.

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