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Mistakes Swimming Pool Owners Make When It Comes to Water Conservation

On Feb 29, 2016


Pool water conservation is important everywhere, including Florida. The Sunshine State gets plenty of rain throughout the year, yet fresh water should be conserved every day. From covering your pool to checking for leaks, there are several ways to save water while enjoying your pool and spa.

1. Not Covering Your Pool 

Cover your pool when it is not in use. This is one mistake pool and spa owners make throughout the year. Evaporation takes place indoors as well as outside. Indoor hot tubs should be covered for heat containment and pool water conservation.

Average pool evaporation loss is about one-quarter inch of water every day. Covering the pool when not in use will reduce evaporation up to 95%. Pool covers add safety and solar covers can help heat your pool for free.

2. Being Reactive Instead of Proactive

Pool owners often forget to check for leaks until they notice that the water level has dropped. Be proactive and watch the water level carefully. Check for leaks in the system starting with cracks and fissures in the pool. The entire pump and filtration system should be checked for leaks.

A leak in a 12x12 foot hot tub can result in the loss of 100 or more gallons a day. A 32x18 foot pool holding around 20,000 gallons can lose over 700 gallons of water a day through a small leak. That is a lot of wasted water.

3. Forgetting to Block the Wind

This helps to prevent evaporation and water blowing out of the pool during windy weather. Have a fence or landscaped barrier around the pool area. The barrier can also protect the pool from blowing debris that will clog filters.

4. Watch the Splash Zone

Splashing is another way to waste water. Advise swimmers that splashing water out of the pool is not welcome. Jumping and diving in the pool also results in water loss. So make sure to jump or dive into the middle of the pool to reduce the amount of water loss.

Splashing water in a hot tub often occurs if the jets are above the water level. Keep the hot tub filled to the recommended level above the jets. You probably have a leak if the water level continues to fall below the level of the jets.

5. Not Shutting Down Decorative Features

Shut down fountains, waterfalls, and other decorative water features unless you are entertaining. These features that may be part of the pool area can cause heavy water loss from aeration and evaporation.

6. Draining the Pool Incorrectly

Your pool does not require draining for every maintenance task or leak repair. Instead, lower the water level or call a professional to complete the repair. When you do drain the pool make sure you follow proper ordinances.

7. Dirty Filters

Don't forget to clean filters by hand, saving water from the backwash system. Wash the filter over plants or grass, not in the street or gutters. The fresh water from your hose or spigot will dilute the chlorine and will not harm your plantings.

8. Keep It Clean!

Your pool should be brushed and cleaned on a regular basis even if it is not in use. Keeping the drain and water suction system clean allows for good circulation and pool water conservation.

9. Don't Overfill

People often overfill the pool or hot tub allowing water to spill over the rim. Keep the water at the recommended level, usually an inch above the bottom of the tile border.

10. Overrunning the Pump

The pool's pump does not need to run all day. Set the timer so the pump runs eight hours or less each day to save energy.

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