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Why Swimming Pool Leak Detection Is So Tricky

On Mar 18, 2019

Why Swimming Pool Leak Detection Is So Tricky

Having a pool means you are used to performing routine maintenance. You add the right chemicals and balance them out. You refill the water every few weeks or more, depending on how often it’s used. Even your kids remind you to check the water pump and look for any cracks around the edge of the pool. This alone helps extend the life of your pool. These proactive steps have been worth every penny, but lately, you have noticed the water level dropping quicker than normal. Aquaman Leak Detection explains why swimming pool leak detection can be so tricky and what to do!


What do you do when you suspect a leak in your pool?

The worst choice you can make is to ignore that sinking feeling that you may have a pool leak. Never assume it’s no big deal. Finding the leak is often tricky, especially with larger pools. The work is worth it to prevent major problems that could eventually lead to having to replace your $30,000+ backyard decor. Call your pool repair professional to help you find the leak or leaks as soon as you suspect a problem.


What happens if you let a swimming pool leak go undetected?

Not investing in swimming pool leak detection may lead to major problems down the road. In addition to an increased water bill, you may experience more problems than you realize, including sinkholes around the pool as the soil deteriorates from moving water. Water will also wash away the cement in your concrete foundation. The chlorine from your pool can damage the walls made of galvanized steel found in vinyl lined pools and the rebar in concrete pools.


How easy is it to find and repair a leak?

Finding a leak is often a tedious task because there may be numerous holes, especially if one tear in your pool liner has gone undetected for months or years. Remember, leaks can also start in your water pump and your drain can also leak. Although you may fix some leaks with a pool leak repair kit, it’s recommended to call a professional pool repairman to ensure all the leaks are identified and fixed properly. A licensed professional will use a special red dye to find all the leaks and know the proper way to fix each type of leak.

Spring is just around the corner! Don’t let a pool leak delay your pool opening. Contact Aquaman Leak Detection in Brevard County, Florida. Our professional contractor's service all of Florida and are often able to fix a leak in one visit. Learn more today.

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