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Aquaman Pool Leak Detection Tips To Enjoy Your Pool!

On Feb 3, 2016


Aquaman Pool Leak Detection wants to share some great tips to help you enjoy your pool and beat the heat this summer!

Swimming pools are a great source of family fun in the summer. They provide a great source of exercise as well as a relaxing oasis in your own backyard.

With well over a million swimming pools gracing the backyards of Florida homes, it’s important to maximize your fun but also to remember to be safe!

Here are some great swimming pool tips to keep in mind:

Have Fun!

  • Swim in your pool! Don’t forget it's a great source of fun and exercise during the summer.
  • Let the kids have fun with some innovative pool toys and games. There are lots of pool accessories available at your local pool supply to keep everyone happy this summer.
  • Buy a good quality pool float or lounger for ultimate relaxation.
  • Host a pool party. Pool parties offer an opportunity for all ages to swim, dine and have lots of fun together.

Be Safe!

  • Always mind children and pets. For better peace of mind and to follow the letter of the law, it’s important to install child protection around your pool. Make sure your choice meets the current code requirements.
  • You can add lots of bells and whistles to your pool, but you may want to think twice before adding a diving board. Diving boards usually aren’t covered by your homeowner’s insurance because of the large number of accidents reported every year.
  • Take advantage of the many sunshade options for your pool to limit sun exposure. Also don’t forget to cover up with sunscreen—it’s a quick and easy way to protect against sunburn.
  • It’s always a good idea to learn CPR in case of accidental drowning. Lean the warning signs of drowning and never leave children or non-swimmers alone in the water.

Keep it Beautiful!

  • To prevent an outgrowth of algae, be sure to test your water’s PH balance regularly. Or save time and energy by hiring a professional to keep your pool clean and healthy.
  • Maintain your investment by keeping the pool deck in good condition, as well as regularly servicing your pool pump and cleaning the filters.
  • Be sure to keep debris out of your pool by trimming adjacent landscaping. Lawn clippings and falling leaves can clog your pool pump and cause future maintenance problems.
  • And don’t forget to keep an eye on the water level. Note if the water level is dissipating quickly. If so, be sure to check for leaks immediately (reference our bucket test) or give us a call right away. We’ll be happy to help!

And most of all—have fun in the sun and stay cool in your pool!

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