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5 Tips for Planning a Fantastic Pool Party

On Jun 20, 2016


A pool party in your backyard oasis is fun when the weather is warm. Parties can be designed for small children, teenagers, and adults with special themes for holidays, birthdays, graduations, and other occasions.

Here are 5 Tips for Planning a Fantastic Pool Party:

Plan for Children to Have Fun

Pool parties for children and teenagers should have adult supervision. Parents of young children should also be invited. Have inflatable devices such as colorful rings, floats and toys in the pool for young children. This includes water wings for kids who need a little extra security.

Encourage good water play habits. Organize swimming pool games for young children such as the Soaked Shirt Relay or Octopus. Inform children that running and jumping around the pool is dangerous. Also encourage play that doesn't involve too much splashing as that wastes water.

Serve food after the children have had fun in the pool. They need to let their food digest before returning to the pool.

Plan for Wet Guests

Have extra towels and even flip-flops available for party guests. A place to change clothes is always nice. An outdoor shower is also welcome. You can ask guests to shower off oils and lotions before entering the pool.

A bathroom should be near the pool area so that guests don't have to walk through your house with wet feet and bathing suits. Make a point of tactfully reminding people where the closest bathroom is located.

Plan for Evening Fun

Evening pool parties are always fun on hot nights. Try a "dive-in" movie night pool party for kids and adults. Show DVDs or recorded films on a large screen or wall in the patio area.

People can relax in the pool on floats and inflatable lounge chairs. Guests can enjoy drinks in plastic cups in the pool. Set up popcorn and other snacks along the edge of the pool. Ask them to snack carefully out of unbreakable bowls.

Plan for Food with Fun Themes

Barbecue pool parties are always popular. Serve food in non-breakable dishes, cups, barware and plates. Paper and plastic tableware come in all colors and designs for festive occasions including pool party luaus, pirate theme parties, birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.

You want to keep food and beverages out of the water. Clean up any spills on the deck immediately to avoid accidents. Scoop out any food that falls into the pool quickly, before it sinks or disintegrates in the water.

Plan for Safety

Swimming pool safety is an important factor, especially if you are entertaining. Limit alcohol consumption, if possible, at adult parties. Margaritas and other festive drinks are fun at luaus and other pool parties, but go light on the liquor.

Serve creamy dips with chips and other snacks that will line the stomach and inhibit the immediate absorption of alcohol in many people. Keep plenty of non-alcoholic beverages available for guests.

Too many pool accidents happen when people have too much to drink and decide to go for a swim. Careless inebriated people can hurt themselves and even damage your pool.

Make sure children are supervised at all times. Do not allow diving in the shallow end of the pool.

Make sure your pool area is properly fenced and that only invited guests participate in your pool party. Your homeowner insurance should cover the swimming pool and yard along with personal liability.

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