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5 Commercial Swimming Pool Repairs That Are Better Left to the Pros

On Jul 24, 2017

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All pools will eventually need repairs. If not done right, they can extend the time a pool is closed or unable to be used. Commercial swimming pools are generally larger than backyard pools and they typically have heavy use, resulting in more maintenance. Hotels, resorts, condominiums, health clubs, swim clubs and country clubs have commercial pools that are usually in-ground. Having a professional repair your pool will allow your tenants or members to use the pool sooner, keeping everyone happy.

Gunite pools are the most common for commercial pools. This is a mixture of concrete and sand sprayed over a rebar frame. A smooth plaster is added to the surface along with decorative tiles in many pools. Gunite pools can be made in any shape although many large commercial pools are rectangular.

Pool repairs should always be made by professionals familiar with the pool's construction. Cracks or leaks may appear on the plaster surface. The cracks should be filled immediately to prevent deterioration of the gunite.

Pool repairs best left to professionals include:

  • Pool renovation and resurfacing
  • Deck removal and replacement
  • Plumbing installation and repairs
  • Installation and repairs to pool motors, filters and heating systems
  • Leak detection and repairs


Some commercial pools need resurfacing and complete renovation after extensive use. The pool must be drained and dried out before this can be done. Professional pool contractors know how to safely drain the pool and prevent local flooding.

Contractors will re-plaster the pool, apply tiles and fittings. The surface will be completely inspected, and the pool will look new. The pool may also be out of use for several days or weeks. Many health clubs and resorts will close the pool for repairs during the season when they are not busy.

Old decking may be removed and replaced. During this time, the underground plumbing lines for the pool should be inspected. Any leaks can be repaired, or new PVC pipes can be installed.

Filtration System

The filtration system in a commercial pool must function at all times to keep the water clean. A health club or resort cannot afford a filtration system malfunction. The pool motor works hard throughout the day when the pool is in use. This also applies to hot tub spas. The water must continue to circulate in a spa even when the jets are not used.

Maintenance workers and lifeguards check the pH balance of the water frequently in the pool and hot tubs. Chlorine and other chemicals are added as needed. This is usually done early in the morning and at night when the pool is not in use. A pool or tub is often closed when chemicals are added.

The pump motor, filters, intake and return lines on the pump system are also checked frequently. Pool repairs to broken or cracked lines at the pump system must be made immediately. Water on the floor of the pump room is an indication of a leak in a line. Impellers must be checked to keep water out of direct contact with the motor.

Leak Repairs

Professional pool leak repair services, including Aquaman Leak Detection, fix leaks in commercial pools. Various tools are needed for pool repairs. Cracks and leaks in the pool's surface can often be repaired by a professional service without draining the pool.

Aquaman can also repair plumbing lines without tearing up the decking area. A special ultrasonic system is used to locate the broken pipe underground. The area around the pipe is removed, and the leak is repaired.

Commercial pool managers should contact Aquaman Leak Detection if they suspect a leak anywhere a large pool. Aquaman serves hotels, resorts and country clubs in Brevard County as well as all of Florida. 

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