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Is Your Commercial Pool Losing Water? 3 Questions to Ask Your Pool Service Tech

On Jun 13, 2016

swimming_pool.jpgCommercial swimming pools in hotels, resorts, parks, apartment communities, health clubs, and country clubs are usually larger than the average backyard pool. They receive more extensive use and can be subject to leaking.

An 82-foot long Olympic size pool can lose about 170 gallons of water an hour with only a two-inch daily drop in water level. (This is in addition to splashing and evaporation.) Finding commercial swimming pool leaks in a 25-meter pool is often difficult.

Commercial swimming pools are usually managed by the people in charge of the health club, resort or another facility. They may never use the pool so they may not be immediately aware of issues. A professional leak detection specialist is needed to locate and repair commercial swimming pool leaks. A specialist may also be necessary to find the leak in a spa hot tub which receives heavy use.


"Where is the leak located?"

This is the obvious question and the pool service tech may put on diving gear to find leaks in a large pool. This is underwater detective work that requires a check of the entire pool surface. A red dye may be used to find cracks in the surface.

The specialist will also check the drains. A drain cover that has become loose may be responsible for the water loss. The specialist will also check the skimmers and the gutter system that collects splash water in many commercial pools.

Light fixtures, conduits and railings will also be checked for loose connections. Tiles and grouting are inspected for cracks that can lead to leaks.

Pool decking that is consistently wet even when the pool is not in use is a sign of a leaking pipe. Water on the floor of the pump area is another sign of a leak in the suction system or return lines.

Aquaman Leak Detection is experienced in finding leaks in all of these areas. Patented ultra-sonic equipment is used to pinpoint leaking pipes without tearing up the decking.

"How long will it take to repair the leak?"

This will depend on the location of the leak or leaks. Aquaman works quickly to repair surface leaks with the needed materials. Same day service is important so that the pool can reopen quickly. Fixtures are easily reattached.

Every effort is made to prevent draining the pool which can cause flooding in some areas. This is also a waste of water so it is avoided when possible. For tips on pool water conservation see this informative article.

A leaking pipe may be accessed with only a small hole drilled down to the leak. The PVC pipe may be repaired with material that plugs the leak or it may need replacing.

Pool pumps are carefully inspected. Replacing an impeller is an easy fix that will keep water out of the motor.

"How do we keep this from occurring again?"

That is a difficult question to answer. At Aquaman, we encourage facilities management to pay close attention to inspecting the pool's fittings, fixtures, skimmers, drains and tiles daily or weekly.

Pump motors should be inspected on a regular basis. We advise listening for different sounds from the motor that might suggest a problem.

Aquaman Leak Detection serves commercial pools in Brevard County and ten additional counties coast-to-coast in Florida. Contact us for immediate detection and repairs if you suspect a leak in a commercial pool.Pool Leak Detection FL


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