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Keep Guests Safe When Using Your Commercial Pool

On Apr 9, 2018

Keep Guests Safe When Using Your Commercial Swimming Pool

One of the best ways to wind down from a long day on the road is with a dip in the hotel swimming pool. Whether guests are traveling for business or pleasure commercial swimming pools and hot tubs are enjoyed by hotel patrons of all ages, with little supervision from hotel staff. Even though “swim at your own risk” signs and clearly posted rules for pool usage may reduce risks, there are still several things hotel employees can do to keep guests safe when swimming.

Here’s how to keep guests safe when using your commercial pool:


Posting pool capacity limits do not guarantee hotel patrons will be aware of times when the swimming pool has reached capacity. A crowded pool increases the risk of injuries from people jumping into the water or roughhousing. Additionally, if floating devices are in use, the extra bodies will make it harder to spot a child who accidentally becomes trapped under a raft.

Pools environments quickly become loud with large groups socializing. Yelling from excitement is harder to distinguish from cries for help in an overcrowded swimming pool, especially indoors. Ensuring that you enforce pool and hot tub capacity limits are important to help keep your hotel guests safe.

Keep Chemicals Balanced

Increased crowds of people using your commercial pool means you need more frequent checks on pool chemical balance. Florida doesn’t have a law prohibiting diaper usage in the pool, although it’s important to highlight that swim diapers are highly encouraged.

Although chlorine does kill most germs, occasionally something is resistant to chlorine, and some of these bacteria strains are diaper related. The risk of bacteria growth increases without proper pool chemical maintenance. Indoor pools in Florida are required to stay within specific pH ranges.

In addition to larger crowds, commercial pool operators take in different considerations for keeping chemicals balanced in outdoor pools vs. indoor pools because evaporation rates are different.  If you find it’s harder to maintain the pH of the pool, it could indicate a pool or pool pump leak causing the water to decrease quicker than usual.

Pool Access Risks

We all know that you aren’t supposed to run on a pool deck to help prevent injuries, but there are other decking considerations for your commercial pool as well. While walls surround an indoor pool, access to swimming pools still varies. Some pools require a room key for access, others are left open for easier entrance during peak hours or are accessible through a fitness center.

Outdoor pools are required to have fencing surrounding them, but this doesn’t ensure gate latches will always stay locked as people enter and exit the decking area. Since most hotel pools don’t employ lifeguards to help monitor swimming pools, it’s a good idea to make sure workers are checking on pool activity throughout the day for both outdoor and indoor pools.

Pool Decking Maintenance

Another important part of commercial pool deck maintenance is ensuring sufficient lighting if your facility allows night swimming. points out “There are no required hours that a public swimming pool must be open. However, it cannot be open at night unless the pool and pool deck have proper lighting for the safety of patrons. The lighting above and below water must be approved by the local building department after a professional conducts a field test. Then, ‘night swimming approved’ will be noted on the pool permit. State code defines night as 30 minutes before sunset to 30 minutes after sunrise.

Deck maintenance also includes checking your slab or foundation for leaks. An untreated pipe leak will cause mold and mildew to grow, increase the risk of slipping as the water collects on top of the foundation, and eventually can cause a slab or foundation crack.

Aquaman Leak Detection is now available to service all of Florida. Our licensed contractors repair both commercial and residential swimming pools as well as spa tubs. If you are in need of professional support to help keep your guests safe when using your commercial pool, give us a call. We are usually able to identify and repair pool leaks with one visit and we offer extended warranties on all our work. Give us a call or send an email today!

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