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Hotel and Resort Pool Leak Detection Tips

On Dec 26, 2017

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Hotel and resort pools and hot tub spas are open most of the year in Florida. They are usually heated and available to guests at any time. As a result, they can remain uncovered during most of the year and subject to evaporation.

Leak indications may be harder to spot by pool and grounds maintenance personnel. Maintenance people are responsible for keeping a pH balance of acidity to alkalinity in resort pools. They usually have a regular schedule for checking the chemical balance of the resort's pool and spa tubs.

Consider these signs as indications it’s time to check for a leak: 

  • Refilling the pool more often than normal
  • Adding chemicals more frequently
  • Water on the decking around the pool when it is not in use
  • Water on the floor of the pump room

These are the same indications of a leak that homeowners can look for. Pool maintenance people at a resort must check more frequently on pools with continuous use.

Plumbing Problems

There is usually water on the deck around a resort pool when it is in use. The water will evaporate by the end of the day and overnight. A pool maintenance person who spots water on the deck early in the morning while cleaning and refilling the pool should suspect a plumbing leak. Most plumbing leaks develop from loose plumbing connections or a break in the PVC line somewhere under the deck.

The quick remedy is to call Aquaman Leak Detection for an analysis of the problem. We use our ultrasonic system to find underground leaks in swimming pool plumbing. We can usually pinpoint the tear or break in PVC pipes without tearing up the surface.

No resort or hotel wants to close off the pool for repairs to the deck. We can help the resort maintenance people take out only the area above the line leak. We repair the pipe leak or fitting and replace the decking immediately whenever possible. We just rope off a small area of the deck is so that people can continue to enjoy the pool.

Aquaman Leak Detection specialists will also inspect fittings in pump rooms where the lines from the intake and return system meet the filter and the pump. A loose fitting can cause a plumbing leak, but the repair is usually easy.

Structural Leaks

Pool maintenance people working at a resort should always check the metal fittings that attach to the pool and spa tub shells. Frequent use of the pool railings and ladders can cause them to loosen.

Check the skimmer assemblies every day. This is the intake system that pulls water into the filter.  A large resort pool may have more than one skimmer assembly. They should not be loose.

You should also check the pool drain occasionally. Aquaman Leak Detection will send our divers down to make sure the drain assembly is tight; this is another area where water leaks out of the pool into a line that carries it to the filter.

Routine maintenance should also include checking spa tub jets and fittings since this is an area that guests use frequently. Make sure the railing and steps are not loose and look for small cracks in the area around the steps and the jets. All jets must remain open below the water level for the tub to function efficiently.

We know how important it is to keep hotel and resort pools and spa tubs open every day. Aquaman Leak Detection offers fast service to repair any pool leaks for resorts, hotels, and condominiums in Central Florida. Give us a call today.

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