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7 Helpful Swimming Pool Phone Apps

On Apr 23, 2018

7 Helpful Swimming Pool Phone Apps

 As pool gadgets become high tech, they often provide the option to monitor everything from your pool pump to spa tub temperature through smartphone apps. While these are convenient, they require purchasing specific equipment which you may not want to do. We’ve researched the latest free swimming pool smartphone apps and compiled a list of free Android and iPhone apps you can use without having to purchase special equipment.

Below you will find the name of each app and a description as well as a link to download it. Not all apps work well on every platform. We understand how annoying it is to download an app that doesn’t work well so we’ve linked the best-rated platform for each one.

Check out these 7 helpful swimming pool phone apps


Pool Water Calculator


If you hate dealing with pool chemical calculations, this app is one to check out. The Pool Water Calculator calculates everything you need to balance your pool water chemistry quickly. This app helps you figure out how much of each chemical to add to keep your pool perfectly balanced. Calculations are offered in Metric and U.S. units. Save your calculations for future reference or work through necessary adjustments when chemicals become unbalanced.

Calculations include:

  •         pH
  •         Free Chlorine
  •         Total Alkalinity
  •         Calcium Hardness
  •         CYA Stabilizer
  •         Salt Water
  •         Saturation Index
  •         Pool Volume

Pool Doctor


Pool Doctor works similarly to Pool Water Calculator.

Calculations include:

  •         Chlorine
  •         Bromine
  •         Salt
  •         pH
  •         Total alkalinity
  •         Calcium hardness
  •         Cyanuric acid levels
  •         Langelier Index

You can also configure the ideal ranges and chemicals used to treat the pools.

Pool Doctor provides all results and explanations in pounds, ounces, grams, kilograms, liters, gallons, or even in the number of scoops (you can enter custom scoop sizes); and easily lets you change units.

Pool Doctor also includes a shock calculator. When you enter the free and total chlorine levels Pool Doctor will automatically calculate how much of your preferred shock chemical is necessary to bring your pool to breakpoint chlorination.

This app supports regular, salt-water, or even bromine pools. 


Pool Service Manager


This app is best for commercial pool managers.The POOL SERVICE MANAGER™ app is an Android pool industry newsletter for pool route service technicians and managers. It brings you monthly news features on pool management, pool safety, and the pool industry. The subscription option offers pool route management tools that improve efficiency and driving distances between pools.

The app also has built-in pool calculators from the Saturation Index calculator to chemical dosing calculators to make sure you are adding the correct amounts of chemicals. (description found on Google Play)


Pool Cloud

iphone or android

Pool Cloud believes there is more than one way to treat every pool. This app strives to provide pool owners “simple, actionable, unbiased pool care instructions immediately.”

This app is helpful to create a weekly pool maintenance schedule and to track when you complete each task. A record of past treatments is stored in the app with quick accessibility.

They are working to establish pool chemical distribution. This convenience will allow you to order from the app and avoid the stores with direct ship options.


Swim Cal - calorie calculator


Are you finding inconsistent information about exercise? Swim Cal calculates the calories you’ve burned swimming laps when you enter how long you’ve exercised and your weight.

Stored data creates a graph of the weight and total calories burned with each workout.


Apple Watch Swimming Lap Tracker

Apple Watch

Series 2 Apple premium smartwatch is waterproof up to 50 m (5 ATM). This app is suited for open water swimmers and pool lap tracking. Read more about this option here.


250 Pool Design Ideas


This last app is a fun one. If you are considering installing a swimming pool or spa tub to your backyard, you will love playing with 250 Pool Design Ideas. It’s also a great option for pool owners looking to update surrounding pool features and landscaping.

Categories this app features include:

  •         swimming pool design
  •         landscape design pool
  •         pool house design
  •         indoor swimming pool design
  •         small swimming pool design

While these smartphone apps may help you with chemical balancing and exercise, there is no replacement for your observation skills when it comes to identifying possible pool leaks. Records of how often you add pool chemicals can help to alert you to a potential leak if you are having a hard time keeping your swimming pool balanced, but it’s also important to keep an eye out for signs of leaks when performing pool maintenance.

If you suspect a pool leak, contact Aquaman Leak Detection. Our contractors service all of Florida and often identify and repair leaks in one visit. Give us a call or schedule service to learn more.

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