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Thinking About Installing a Swimming Pool? Read This First

On Jul 3, 2017

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A swimming pool is a backyard luxury that adds value to any home. It is also part of the Florida and Sun Belt lifestyle. A pool keeps you cool on the warmest days of the year and provides great exercise and backyard entertainment opportunities.

A healthy pool requires continued maintenance. This includes skimming, running a vacuum, cleaning filters and brushing. There are many devices that help keep your pool in good condition, but you must set up a regular maintenance schedule.

Basic Swimming Pool Materials

Vinyl pools are the least expensive. They can fit in the ground or into a frame above the ground. The vinyl shell can tear easily and create leaks. Owners of vinyl pools must be vigilant about checking for tears in the pool's surface material.

Fiberglass is the most durable swimming pool material. This type of pool is a prefabricated shell that fits into the ground. It can extend 18 inches above the ground and have a nice raised decking. Fiberglass pools are often finished with a colorful Gelcoat, usually in a blue hue.

Some fiberglass pools can sit on a pad above the ground if they are enclosed in a heavy steel frame. Fiberglass pools come in a variety of shapes.

Traditional pools are concrete or gunite with a plaster coating placed in-ground around a metal frame. They can be formed into any shape and decorated with colorful tiles. These are the pools with the longest lifespan.

Hot tubs can be fiberglass or gunite. They can stand alone or be part of the larger pool. They require maintenance similar to a swimming pool.

Grounds and Maintenance

Your swimming pool is the centerpiece of your yard. Homes in Florida and the Sun Belt usually have lush tropical landscaping around the pool to create a resort feeling. Professional landscapers work to keep plantings with leaves and petals away from the pool. This keeps debris out of the skimmer.

Pool decks are usually stone or wood. They are slip proof and easy to clean. Keeping pool decks free of debris will help to keep the pool cleaner. Landscape architects design pool decks with built-in seating, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens. Outdoor showers and dressing rooms are also part of the design.

Water elements including waterfalls and fountains may be part of the architecture. A raised hot tub may circulate warm water into the swimming pool below.

Pool covers are always recommended to control evaporation and keep the pool clean. They also hold in the heat. For information about how pool covers can save money, check out this article.

The complete design of a yard with a pool and decking must be considered before a pool is installed. Various laws require the pool area to have a fence as well for safety.

Enjoy Your Pool

Your pool can be enjoyed most of the year in Florida and other warm weather states. Careful maintenance will keep your pool looking good for decades. Contact Aquaman Leak Detection if you suspect a leak in your pool or its plumbing. We serve Brevard County and all of Florida with fast swimming pool leak detection and repair services.

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