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The Latest Swimming Pool Design Trends

On Mar 6, 2017

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Swimming pool design trends are unlimited, based on the space available for a pool and the pool owner's budget. Concrete and gunite pools can be designed in any shape to fit indoors or outdoors.

Many resorts feature freeform pools with waterfalls, islands, and grottos. Infinity pools with a rimless negative edge are found at luxury resorts and estates around the world. Many of these pools feature mosaic tiles in beautiful designs. Waterfalls and raised jetted spa tubs may be part of the pool design. Swim-up bars are common at resorts.

Resorts have millions of dollars to spend on pools and surrounding landscapes. The average homeowner has considerably less to spend although many homes and condominium developments have modern, trendy pools.

Infinity Pools

This concept of a negative edge to the pool is a popular design for yards with a view of the ocean or a lake. The rimless edge gives the pool the appearance of a body of water that leads into the lake or sea.

The pool may be fed with water from a circulating waterfall for an extra affect. The infinity pool actually has a linear gutter and drain below the negative edge that takes the water into the filtration and pump system.

Infinity pools are usually rectangular. The rimless edge has to be a straight line to give the illusion of endless water.

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Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are easy to clean and they come in various shapes. Round, oval, rectangular, octagon and free-form designs are available in a one-piece molded unit. They may be set in-ground with 18 inches rising above ground level. Or, they may be set in at ground level with a raised beam area along the side for seating or a waterfall design.

Fiberglass pools are painted with Gelcoat that is usually blue. Different shades of blue from the lighter cerulean or sky color to dark blue are available. Green, red, black and yellow coatings can also be ordered for an unusual effect. The darker colors will hold in the heat from the sun. This is passive solar heating.

Many fiberglass pools are long, narrow rectangular lap pools that can fit into a smaller area.

Raised Spa Tubs

A continuing popular trend in swimming pool design is the raised spa tub near the shallow end of a swimming pool. The tub is often filled to the top of a lower wall that allows the heated tub water to spill into the pool. Only one pump system is required.

The spa tubs can be any size built with the same material as the pool. The cascading water is only on when the pump is used.

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Landscaping and Lights

The landscape and hardscape are part of the swimming pool design that blends with the surroundings. Fire pits and seating using stone and brick pavers around a pool deck are popular.  Many different types of circulating water features can feed into a pool.

Lighting is necessary for safety. Waterproof LED lighting is now used for lights in the water. Special floating colored balls have LED bulbs inside. Lighting is limited only by one's imagination.

The ultimate in pool lighting may be LED lights and lines of fiber optic lights to represent strings in a swimming pool shaped like a violin. The spa tub is the chin rest pad.

All swimming pools, regardless of the type. should be checked for leaks. Contact Aquaman Leak Detection if you suspect a leak in your pool or hot tub. Aquaman serves Brevard County and all of Florida.

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