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Backyard Swimming Pool Safety Tips

On Feb 26, 2018

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Spring is almost here. This is the perfect time for pool owners to prepare the backyard for summer fun. While you are working through your checklist of maintenance tasks to open the pool, it’s a good idea to make sure the area surrounding your pool and spa tub as well as all safety equipment hasn’t weakened or received damage over the winter months.

The Preston de Ibern/McKenzie Merriam Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act lists specific requirements for every home with a swimming pool to comply with, but there are additional things that will help keep your backyard safe for friends and family of all ages.

Check out this List of Backyard Swimming Pool Safety Tips:

Pool Surroundings

Surrounding your pool with a fence or similar barrier at least four feet high is a recommendation of the American Red Cross and Florida law. It’s important to check your pool barrier, especially after bad weather hits, such as a hurricane, to make sure all the sections are still sturdy and firmly in the ground. Check the locks on the gate or pool entrance too. The gate should be self-closing and self-latching.

Survey the ground and decking areas where kids may run and play. Are there nails sticking up that could cut a foot or sharp edges you should wrap with a protective cushion? Have holes developed where someone could trip and injure their ankle? These steps may seem tedious but addressing them now may prevent a doctor visit later.

For more information on pool surroundings and preventing pool drowning check out The Home Pool Drowning Liability & Prevention Guide

Pool Parts

Make sure the drain cover hasn’t come loose. Check the ladder and light covers and tighten anything that requires attention. If the light cover has developed a crack this is also a good time to replace the part.

If you have laid anti-slip padding on the pool steps or on railings, check to make sure the padding hasn’t worn out and will still help prevent sliding.

While closed for the winter it’s possible a crack has developed or the pool liner has torn. If you find any leaks in or around your swimming pool give a professional leak repair service a call. Addressing things sooner rather than later can prevent small problems from developing into larger issues.

Pool Rules

Repetition is the best way to help younger children remember the rules for backyard swimming pool safety. Before the pool opens it’s a good idea to begin reminding everyone in your home how important it is to play safely in and around the pool.

Consider these Safety Rules:

  •         Always walk around the pool
  •         Don’t push or wrestle in or around the pool
  •         No head first diving into the shallow end (or at all)
  •         Always ask permission before swimming
  •         Never swim alone
  •         Children who cannot swim must wear appropriate floatation support at all times in and around the pool
  •         Keep glass containers away from the pool area including the surrounding deck

Brush Up on Safety Skills

It’s a good idea to make sure any adults or babysitters who will be supervising children swimming are up to date on their First Aid and CPR certifications. Courses are often available through local hospitals and park districts and only last a few hours.

Having a swimming pool or spa tub in your backyard is an awesome addition to any home, but it also requires vigilance to keep family members and guests safe. Swimming pool safety doesn’t require a lot of time or expense when done consistently. The tradeoff is the peace of mind knowing your backyard oasis is safe for everyone to enjoy.

Swimming pool maintenance may uncover a pool leak or pool part leak. Contact Aquaman Leak Detection at the first sign concern. We service commercial and residential swimming pools throughout Central Florida.


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