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Summer Swimming Pool Safety Guide

On Jun 26, 2017

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A dip in a cool pool always feels good. Swimming pool safety is important all year, especially when children are around a pool. Here are a few tips for a safe swimming season. Follow our pool safety guide to help protect everyone having fun in and around your pool.

Walk, Don't Run!

This is the first lesson children must learn around a pool area. The deck is likely to be wet and slippery. The deck is also a hard surface. Slipping and falling are dangerous and can lead to skin wounds, or worse.

Adults should also be very careful around a pool area and watch where they are going. Sobriety is important, especially during parties in or around the pool. When children are in the pool alert adults with quick response time are necessary should trouble arise.

Keep the Pool Area Fenced

This is a major rule for swimming pool safety, even if your pool has a heavy cover. You may even want to install an alarm in the pool area to protect against unwanted access.

The yard with the pool should have a fence around it that is at least four feet high to prevent uninvited entry. The gate should be locked or difficult to open from the outside. A fence that prevents people passing by from seeing the pool is best. 

A large yard or estate may have a separate pool area that is protected by a fence. This type of fence may allow people to see the pretty pool while it keeps out unauthorized visitors.

Always Supervise Children in or Near a Pool

Watch toddlers who may not know how to swim. Adult visitors should supervise their own children. Tell all youngsters that they are not to go near the pool without an adult. 

Young children who are not good swimmers should wear a personal flotation device (PFD). Have inflatable water wings, life jackets and other PFD's available for everyone who wants them. Inflatable rings and floats are fun but they are not PFD's. Keep a US Coast Guard approved life ring near the pool for emergencies.

Use the Buddy System

Don't swim alone even though it is your home. Tell someone else when you are using the pool and have them keep an eye on you. Even strong swimmers can have pool accidents.

Keep the Pool Water Clean

Dirty pool water is dangerous. Cloudy water is an indication of dirt, body oils and other substances that can cause medical problems. Check the pH balance on a regular basis and shock the pool occasionally. This is added chlorine that will kill bacteria and algae.

The Pool Area Should Be Illuminated at Night

Pool lights are attractive and necessary for safety. The pool and surrounding decking should be well-lighted when anyone is in the area. It is important that you can see the bottom of the pool at any time of day or night. Timer switches can control the lights for convenience.

Discourage Jumping Into the Water

Your pool should have steps or ladders for pool entry and exit. Running and jumping into the pool is dangerous. If someone misjudges the distance they can hit the side of the pool while entering, or jump onto another swimmer already in the pool. Both can cause serious injury. Jumping also causes unnecessary splashing. Supervise kids playing games in the water.

Check All Ladders, Steps, Handles and Drains

Equipment must be secured tightly for safety and to prevent leaks in pools and hot tubs. A shaky ladder can cause someone to lose their balance entering or exiting the water.

Don't Overload the Pool

Too many people in the pool and/or hot tub can cause unexpected injuries. Swimming pool safety includes giving swimmers room to enjoy the water. 

Know First Aid

It is a good idea to know some first aid to help anyone who is hurt. Someone should know CPR and how to work with a person who may have to be pulled from the water. Always have a working phone nearby in case professional help is needed. Take time to check your cell phone signal if it is your first time at a pool.

Call Aquaman Lean Detection if you suspect a leak in your pool. We will find and repair the leak immediately so that you can continue to enjoy your swimming pool and spa tub. Stopping a leak from causing puddles on the concrete will help keep your swimming pool save and running efficiently.

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