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Good Clean Fun! 10 Swimming Pool Games for Kids and Adults

On Jun 19, 2017

swimming pool games.jpg Summer is the time for hanging around the swimming pool. Pool games are a great addition to a backyard pool party. Adults and kids will both find pool games to be a great way to spend time together on a relaxing afternoon. These games depend on the size and depth of the pool. All participants should be good swimmers or they should wear a flotation device. Some games are better in shallower pools while others are good in deeper pools.


Swimming pool volleyball is one of the most popular swimming pool games for adults and kids.  The net is strung across the pool and a lighter-weight ball is thrown or punched across the net. The trick is to keep the ball in play without it hitting the water. 

This game works well in a shallow pool with a water level of no more than five feet. It can also work in a deeper pool if players on the deep side are good at treading water or they are wearing a floatation device.


A special basket with a stand can be set on the side of the pool near any depth. It is not as high as a regulation basket on a court. The stand may actually be adjustable. The ball is much lighter than a standard basketball.

The rules of the game are a little different since players can't dribble the ball. This is fun for anyone who wants to practice free throws or a real slam-dunk. 


This is really challenging since the plastic bird has to stay in the air while the players maintain their position in the water. This is a good game for two or four people.

Floating Ping-Pong

A smaller ping-pong table can rest on a float. Players paddle the ball across the little net while the table and the ball are moving! Players can hold on to the table for a little stability, and to make the game just a little less challenging. 

Invisible Bottle

Take a two-liter clear plastic bottle without a label and fill it with pool water. Cap it with a white cap. Let it go and see who can be the first to find it before it sinks to the pool bottom. This is not easy since the bottle will blend in with the water. 


Swimmers walk or swim in a line in one direction around the pool for a least a minute to form a current. They change abruptly and swim or walk in the other direction against the current. This game is also great exercise!

Frozen T-shirt

This is another game for kids. Freeze two wet t-shirts overnight. Divide kids into two teams. Each player gets 15 seconds to thaw the shirt in the pool and pass it on to the next player. The first team to thaw it enough to wear it wins.

Wet T-shirt

Once the t-shirts are wet and warm enough to wear, the kids can play a relay game. Each player on the team has to put on and take off the wet shirt and hand it to the next player. The shirt cannot be worn inside-out. 

Bumper Balls

This requires beach balls for five or more kids. Section off a part of the pool with a rope. The kids try to force each other to touch the rope with the balls, much like bumper cars. The last person to touch the rope wins.

Noodle Races

Have kids "bicycle" across the pool riding astride a foam pool noodle. They must cover a lap or more in each direction. Time the players to see who wins.

Swimming pool games keep children busy in the water. The games are also good exercise, but these activities will involve some splashing. Make sure the water level is at the recommended level before the games begin. If you notice that the pool water continues to lower later in the week you may have a leak. Contact Aquaman Leak Detection if leak detection and repair as needed.

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