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Pool Liner Tear? Know When to Repair or Replace Your Vinyl Liner

On Oct 30, 2017

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If you have a vinyl pool, you are probably aware the liner requires inspection when hunting for a pool leak. If you find a tear in the liner, it’s important to have it fixed immediately, but the question that you should ask first is whether or not the replacement of the liner is needed or if it simply requires repair.

Vinyl swimming pools are available in a variety of shapes and designs. The vinyl liner will look like a concrete or fiberglass pool with different designs that imitate tile and mosaic patterns. But vinyl is a softer material, and a vinyl pool liner tear left unattended can ruin your pool.

Above ground pools and some varieties of in-ground pools use vinyl liners. “Bead” is the name of the top edge of the vinyl liner. The bead attaches to the track on the deck coping that holds it in place for in-ground pools. The liner bead must fit perfectly on the frame to keep the material in place without wrinkles or bubbles.

The material under the liner for in-ground pools is a sand or cementitious mixture on the bottom and sides of the pool. Above ground vinyl pools are usually in a steel frame.

Vinyl pool liners last about 6 to 12 years depending on the location and wear on the pool. You may have a warranty that says it will cover the liner for 20 to 30 years, but the warranty usually has limitations. Vinyl pools are less expensive than the gunite or fiberglass varieties that have a longer lifespan.

Pool Life

A covered vinyl pool liner will last longer than one that remains uncovered over the average 10-year period. Pool use, chemical balance and exposure to sunlight are also important factors.

The non-porous 20 to 30 gauge vinyl is usually made with UV and algae inhibitors for better wear over time. You can use fresh or saltwater in vinyl pools with the recommended chemicals.

The vinyl sheets are cut and stretched to fit the pool frame. The vinyl may be seamed if it is a customized shape for a free-form design. Although the material is rugged, it cannot come into contact with sharp objects.

A vinyl pool liner tear usually results from a sharp object hitting the liner. Pool toys should be the inflatable variety for this type of pool. You shouldn’t use hard metal, or plastic floating material in vinyl lined pools. 


It’s possible to repair a small pool liner tear with a patch kit. It’s also possible to restretch the liner if the bead pulls away from the frame or deck. Large tears will result in significant leaks. It may mean the liner needs replacement in this case.

It’s possible to repair seams if you can find the separation immediately. A seam that has come apart may be an indication that a new vinyl liner is necessary.


Many companies that install vinyl liners have new vinyl that can replace the older liners. You will need to drain the pool. It’s also possible to repair the underlying material or frame. 

A leak from a pool liner tear will tell you about the condition of the vinyl. If the patch on a tear does not hold, it is time for a new liner. Liners in above ground vinyl pools are less expensive to replace than the in-ground variety.

Aquaman Leak Detection serves Brevard County and all of Florida. We repair vinyl pool tears to prolong the life of your pool and prevent water loss. We will locate and repair the damaged area immediately. Give us a call if you suspect a vinyl liner tear or any other pool leak.

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