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3 Questions to Ask Before Repairing a Swimming Pool Leak

On Oct 22, 2018

3 Questions You Must Ask Before Repairing a Swimming Pool Leak

Have you noticed the water in your pool decreasing? Do you suspect a leak? Here are a few questions to ask before you repair your swimming pool leak.

Ask These Questions Before Repairing a Swimming Pool Leak

Having a pool leak is no fun. However, it is a regular occurrence for most pool owners. If you suspect a leak, here are three questions to ask yourself before you repair your swimming pool leak.

Question 1: What is causing the leak?

The first answer you need is the cause of the leak. There are many different possibilities for what may be causing the leak. Most often leaks occur in the pumps and plumbing, the fixtures, or the liners. You want to first check these main areas to determine the cause of your leak. Only occasionally is decreased water in your pool sometimes due to evaporation. Keep this in mind though, if you have dealt with a period of excessive heat. To check for evaporation as your cause of decreased water levels, perform a bucket test to confirm.

Question 2: Will my leak cause a bigger problem?

After you determine the cause of your leak, the next question to ask is: are there any repercussions of the leak? The answer to this question is always, Yes! A leak almost always causes other problems in the future that you will need to address. First and foremost, leaks cause frequent chemical imbalances in pool water. You want to test your levels to make sure they are balanced.

Another potential problem is a water leak can cause your mechanical system to overheat and therefore damage your pump. Lastly, there could be structural damage to the pool and surrounding foundations if a leak has been neglected for some time. Leaks always eventually cause a bigger problem than just water loss. Do not let a leak go unattended!

Question 3: Can I repair my swimming pool leak myself?

Before you repair the swimming pool leak, you need to ask yourself if you are qualified to repair the leak. After you know the cause of the leak, you are better able to answer this question. If it is a tear in the liner, you can DIY and repair the tear. However, if it is in the plumbing or you have not been able to identify the leak, you want to contact a professional. Here are ten questions to ask a pool leak repair specialist in your quest to repair your swimming pool leak.

Do you suspect a leak? Contact the pros at Aquaman Leak Detection today and don't forget your three questions.  

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