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10 Questions to Ask Your Swimming Pool Leak Repair Specialist

On Jun 4, 2018

10 Questions to Ask Your Swimming Pool Leak Repair Specialist

A leaking swimming pool can lead to costly water loss in addition to threatening the safety of swimmers. Leaks can also lead to a host of other difficulties such as structural damage and skimmer problems. Whether you are a homeowner with a leaking lap pool or the maintenance manager of a public pool, it is your responsibility to ensure that you identify and address leak repairs.

Below are ten questions to ask your swimming pool leak repair specialist.


1) Why should I use a professional rather than try to repair the leak myself?

Some people attempt to "plug holes" or stop leaks on their own to save time or money. However, using a do-it-yourself technique is rarely as safe or effective as a professional repair job. A leak repair specialist has higher quality equipment to identify pipe leaks without having to dig up your whole yard. They also have stronger epoxy than you will find on the shelves of your local store.

2) Approximately how much will the repair work cost?

The cost to repair swimming pool leaks varies, but there are several factors you can use to reduce costs. First, call a swimming pool leak specialist as soon as you suspect or identify a leak. The smaller the issue, the less expense involved both with repair costs and utilities. Make sure to inquire about any additional expenses for replacement parts or emergency service fees.

3) Do you have a reference list of current and past customers?

Hopefully, your leak repair specialist has an informative website that features customer testimonials and references. Even if this is the case, you should still request a list of references and contact each of them to inquire about their level of satisfaction with the repair services they received. You can also research sites like Angie’s List and check out a company’s Google Business page for information, but make sure always to check the date of the review.

4) May I please have a written quote?

A written quote is essential to capturing the services promised by your repair specialist. Make sure your quote features an expiration date and is signed and dated by your provider. Ask your specialist to include an explanation of payment terms and warranty details.

5) Is there anything I need to do to get my pool ready for the repairs?

Depending on the location and extent of your leak, your repair specialist should be able to give you instructions to prepare for the repair work. Additionally, your specialist might ask for photos of your pool and the surrounding area.

6) How long can I expect the repair work to last?

Your provider should be able to provide a fairly accurate estimate regarding the expected longevity of your repairs. You may also wish to ask your provider if he or she recommends any preventive maintenance visits moving forward.

7) Do you offer a warranty on your work?

Top leak repair specialists always offer a warranty on their repair work. Ideally, the specialist you choose will provide the strongest warranty in the industry. Be sure to ask your specialist to outline your warranty details in writing on your formal quotation and also on your invoice.

8) Are you certified to dive?

A technician that is certified to dive will have the advantage to address leaks in any location without the need to drain your pool. Even in the deepest depths, the best technicians have the right equipment and certifications to repair leaks underwater.

9) Do you handle emergency repairs?

Swimming pool leaks are unpredictable and can strike at the most inconvenient times.
They can arise the day before your biggest weekend of the year or the night before your annual pool party. Choosing a specialist who handles emergencies and provides same day service will give you the peace of mind that you are seeking.

10) What can I do to prevent future leaks from occurring?

Top pool leak specialists offer more than professional repair services. They educate their customers about the possible causes of their pool leaks and outline simple strategies they can take to help prevent future leaks.

The Bottom Line

Tending to a leaking pool is vital to protecting the safety of swimmers and controlling maintenance costs. Before you enlist the services of a leak repair specialist, make sure to ask the questions outlined above. Contact Aquaman Leak Detection to learn why we are Florida's most trusted leak repair provider. We serve all of Florida with excellent customer service and warrantied leak repair services.

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