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5 Reasons to Repair Pool Leaks ASAP

On May 30, 2017

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A swimming pool leak should be repaired immediately to prevent major damage to the structure and the entire pump system. A small leak can cause big problems if it is ignored.

A few of the problems include:

  • Damage to filter and motor systems
  • Expensive and unnecessary water loss
  • Damage to structure of in-ground pools
  • Water damage to decking and landscaping
  • Algae growth due to pH imbalance

Filter and Pump System

The water level should be about one-third below the top of the skimmer basket assembly in most pools and spa tubs. This allows water to be sucked into the filter system while the basket keeps out debris.

Water will flow through a primed pump and circulate into the pool. A low water level will not keep the water circulating through the filter and debris may not flow into the skimmer.

Lack of water circulation can burn out your pump motor. Water must circulate continually when the pump is on to cool the motor. The pump usually runs six to eight hours a day when the pool is in use. Most pump systems work on timers.

Water Loss

A leak means that water flows out of the pool into the ground even when the pool is above ground. Water is a precious resource that should not be wasted even in Florida.

Your water bill will increase if a swimming pool leak goes unchecked since you will need to constantly refill the pool. The same problem applies to a leak in a spa tub.

Water Table

A leak can saturate the ground around your pool, especially in areas with a high water table. This is a major problem for in-ground fiberglass pools. The pool must remain filled to a recommended level to keep the pressure on the fiberglass structure.  A fiberglass pool with a low water level due to leaks may buckle from the pressure of the wet ground around it. The pool can move or float in the wet ground. A plumbing line leak can cause this problem.

Many pools have a hydrostatic valve to help equalize the water pressure in the pool with the surrounding ground and water table. This works when the pool is filled to the recommended level.

A leak can wash away the dirt around an in-ground pool. A gunite pool surface can crack if there is not sufficient dirt to support it. This can happen with an older pool, especially when there is a leak in the plumbing lines.

A leak from a tear in a vinyl-lined pool must be repaired immediately to prevent the surrounding dirt from seeping into the water. The cement pad supporting an above-ground pool can experience foundation erosion from a swimming pool leak when the ground has a high water table.


A swimming pool leak will usually cause water on the decking and surrounding plantings. This may be the first indication of a leak in the plumbing lines or a surface crack.

The chlorinated water can ruin plants and grass near the pool. The water will also cause puddles, and it can lead to slippery mold or algae growth on the deck.

pH Imbalance

Your pool or spa tub pH balance depends on maintaining a consistent water level. A leak will lower the acid level and support the growth of algae and other parasites. A green pool is another indication of a possible leak that upsets the pH balance.

Repairing a leak ASAP will save water, money and stress. Contact Aquaman Leak Detection at the first sign of water loss in your pool. The leak will be found and repaired immediately to prevent further damage and water loss.

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