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How to Save Thousands in 24 Hours With the Bucket Test

On Mar 21, 2016

How to Save Thousands in 24 Hours With the Bucket TestThe cost of a pool leak can be very expensive if it requires resurfacing your pool or major plumbing repairs. Many swimming pool and whirlpool tub owners ignore a small change in the water level and believe that it comes from evaporation.

This can be very costly if the water level continues to drop. Your pump circulating system can be harmed by low water. This will happen if the intake system sucks in too much air. A small tear in a vinyl pool can spread very quickly, ruining the entire pool.

A standard 16' by 32' 512 square foot pool can leak approximately 80 gallons a day. The cost of a pool leak adds to your water bill. It is also wasteful, and the leak can damage your decking or lawn if it continues. Replacement costs are very high for decks and landscaping.

Bucket Test

A bucket test is a simple indication that your pool is losing water due to a leak. The procedure is easy.

1. Fill a five-gallon bucket with water, and mark the inside water level with a water-proof marker.

2. Set the bucket on a step in the pool so that it is not submerged. Mark the water level on the outside of the bucket.

3. Wait 24 hours and recheck it. If the water level in the pool is well below the inside and outside marks, it is time to check for a leak.

Note that the auto-fill mechanism for the pool has to be turned off while conducting this test. The pump can stay on or off. This does not work in the rain for an outdoor pool or spa.

Evaporation accounts for about a quarter-inch daily in the average outdoor pool. The evaporation rate may be more in windy weather or if the sunlight is very intense. The test should start in the evening and continue to the next day with the pool unused.

Check for Leaks

You may have an artistic water element, such as a circulating waterfall by your Florida pool. In some pools, an elevated hot tub has water falling over the rim into the pool below. Any of the mechanisms associated with the design can cause a leak.

Check the deck or lawn area near the pool for a plumbing leak. Look closely at lighting fixtures or any added accessories connected to the pool. A fitting in a ladder or railing can come loose and cause a tiny leak that will spread.

The pool surface under the water can be cracked or the plaster coating may have come off in older pools. This can easily cause leakage, and the cost of a pool leak will go up if you wait too long to fix it.

This is the time to call Aquaman Leak Detection. They will help you find and repair the leak using the latest high-tech equipment. The objective is to fix the leak quickly in the most cost-effective way to save you money.

Aquaman Leak Detection is headquartered in Brevard County, FL, and services all of Florida. Contact us today to learn more about our ability to find and repair a leak on the same day.

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