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On Oct 31, 2016

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The cost of repairing a swimming pool leak can range from inexpensive or very costly. A leak that is found and repaired immediately may save you the expense of completely replacing your pool.

Digging a space for a pool, installing a pump system, and adding decking is a major expense although it adds to the value of a home. Most commercial pools are in-ground in hotels, country clubs, apartment buildings, community associations, fitness centers and resorts.

A commercial pool that cannot be used by guests or members is losing money for the organization that owns it. It should be repaired immediately at all costs with the best repair service. A private residence pool that cannot be used can lower the home's value.

What You Need To Know About Swimming Pool Leaks

In-ground Pools

There are three types of in-ground pools:

  • Vinyl
  • Fiberglass
  • Concrete or gunite

Vinyl pools are subject to tears. An in-ground vinyl pool that rips can allow dirt into the pool and intake system that will overload the pump and motor. A simple repair cost of $20 to $200 will keep the pool in good condition. Replacing the pool with a new vinyl liner can cost upwards of $2,000. Pump motors for any type of pool can cost more than $1,500.

Simple maintenance requires checking for tears that will cause leaks. Do not allow any hard or sharp objects to come into contact with the vinyl liner. Replace the bead that holds the liner in place if it becomes loose and stretched. Install a pool cover that protects the bead and liner when the pool is not in use.

A swimming pool leak in a fiberglass pool or spa tub is unusual. Fiberglass pools are one-piece units set in the ground or frame above ground. The pool's surface should be inspected for cracks when it is placed in the ground. A new pool should be filled immediately to keep a balance between the back-filled dirt and the fiberglass shell. (Sand is not advisable as a backfill since it can put too much pressure on the shell when it is wet.)

All fittings should be checked to make sure they are secure. If the pool is kept clean with debris removed from the skimmer, the fiberglass pool should last for 20 years or more. It can be repainted if the color fades.

Concrete or gunite pools are the most common in-ground pool. This is the most expensive construction but it will last for decades with proper maintenance. This is the pool that will take the colorful mosaic tiles and designs. Gunite pools can be designed in any shape for any size area. They require continued maintenance with brushing, vacuuming and checking tiles for cracks.

Cracks can be repaired immediately to prevent a serious swimming pool leak that would require the entire surface to be recoated. A special hydrostatic relief valve can be installed with your pool if it is in an area with a high water table. This keeps the pool in a more secure position if the ground becomes saturated.

Above Ground Pools

Leaks in liners in above ground pools must be immediately repaired to keep the pool usable. The walls or framework must be in good condition to keep the pool from tearing or breaking. A collapsed wall will need replacing at a cost of $1,300 or more.

Fittings, railings, ladders, drains, intake lines and the pump system should always be inspected in all types of pools.

Call Aquaman Leak Detection for immediate repair service to pools throughout Central Florida and in Houston, Texas. An easy repair of swimming pool leaks will reduce costs and will extend the life of your pool.

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