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Pool Leaks Waste Water

On Apr 17, 2017

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Leaks are the major cause of water loss in swimming pools, and they also increase your utility costs. Evaporation is the only natural cause of water loss. Evaporation is limited in the humid summer climate in Florida, the Gulf Coast, and other southeastern states. Any loss of water more than a quarter inch a day indicates a possible leak and a waste of a precious resource.

The smallest pool leaks can expand and cause the loss of thousands of gallons of water. The average pool contains 18,000 to 20,000 gallons. Of course, the size matters and the gallons add up. A rectangular 16' x 23' pool can leak approximately 29,000 gallons of water a year from a small 1/4-inch leak. 

The pool's material will determine the expansion of a leak if it is in the shell. A leak caused by a tear in a vinyl pool will expand faster than a crack in a concrete or gunite pool.

Damage From Water Loss

Your pump system will not work properly with water loss from pool leaks. Your pool should normally be filled to about two-thirds of the way past the bottom of the skimmer assembly. Less water will result in air intake into the lines leading to the filter and return system. Air bubbles in the return water are an indication of a leak in the pipes.

Water leaking into the ground from the pool will eventually saturate the ground. Many areas of Florida have a high water table. A small leak can saturate the ground in a very short time. This can affect the pool decking. A fiberglass pool with extensive water loss will buckle and possibly crack from pressure on the wet ground.

Lawns and other landscaping can also be ruined by the chlorinated water leaking onto the grounds. You should check for a leak if the grass and shrubs in the yard are soggy during dry weather.

Water Conservation

People were reminded of the need to conserve water in November of 2016. This was a dry month after the drenching hurricane rains of September. 

Backwashing the filter system will waste water if it is not done according to the instructions. Splashing is a waste of water that can be easily prevented.

Checking and maintaining the caulking around pool fittings and the drain will prevent leaks and water loss. Pools should be filled infrequently during the rainy season, especially when a cover is used.

Hot tub spas also have occasional leaks. Portable spa tub units set on the ground can be inspected for plumbing leaks in the support structure. In-ground spa tubs should be checked in the same way as swimming pools. Many spa tubs are connected to pools.

Call Aquaman Leak Detection as soon as you suspect pool leaks. We can usually detect and repair leaks with one visit to prevent excessive water loss. Our patented ultrasonic system allows us to pinpoint plumbing leaks under the deck and repair them without ruining the deck area. We guarantee our work. We currently serve all of Florida.

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