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Selling Your Home? Have Your Pool Inspected First

On Sep 12, 2016


A swimming pool in the backyard is part of the Florida lifestyle. If you are selling your home, make certain that you don't have a pool leak. Prospective buyers want to see a sparkling pool filled to the water line and ready for use. Your pool should look very inviting.

Have Your Pool Inspected Before Selling Your Home

In-ground Pools

If you have a traditional cement, gunite or fiberglass pool in the ground, it should be clean and the water should appear blue. No one wants to look at a pool that is green with algae or clogged with dirt. These are signs that the pump and filtration system are not working properly. This may be the result of a pool leak. It can be caused by a break in the intake or return lines to the pump system.

Fiberglass pools come in different colors. The color is a gel coat applied when the molded pool is finished. Even a pretty blue fiberglass pool can look greenish if there is a leak in the pump system or the chlorinator is not working.

A lower water level may also be due to a leak. Check the drain to see that it is secure and not leaking. Check all fittings and railings. This may be the time to clean the railings on the pool and the hot tub spa connected to the pool. The tile work should also be clean.

A potential buyer does not want to see rust spots near railings or any attachments. They do not want to see areas where the surface has been scratched or worn down. The decking should also be in good repair. Excess water on the deck is a sign of a possible pool leak in the underground lines.

Vinyl pools must be carefully checked for small rips and tears in the liner that could lead to larger problems.

Above Ground Pools

Many homeowners install pools and spas above the ground on a hard, flat surface. This has many advantages in an area with a high water table.

The pool and hot tub should be clean, clear and sparkling. Many above ground pools and most hot tubs are fiberglass in different colors. The pool and hot tub along with their covers should be in good condition.

A home buyer does not want to purchase a home with a pool that needs repairing. Real estate agents are usually concerned with the home's first impression including the front landscaping. The pool area and its hardscape may be considered secondary when it comes to selling the home. Yet a pretty pool in a nicely landscaped yard may be the feature that closes the sale, so stage the pool area to highlight this feature of your home. 

Aquaman Leak Detection will help home sellers check for leaks and repair them before the home is put on the market. The pool will look dazzling for prospective home buyers. Aquaman serves Brevard County and Florida. Contact us for a pool inspection today. 

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