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Danger: Stagnant Pool Water A Hidden Danger

On Dec 3, 2018

Danger Stagnant Pool Water a Hidden Danger

Being the owner of a pool is both fun and rewarding, however; it also carries a huge responsibility. While injuries due to slips and falls obviously have the chance to occur, you also need to be aware of the hidden danger of stagnant pool water, also known as "standing water," happens when water stops moving or flowing.

Warning: Stagnant Pool Water

One of the biggest concerns with stagnant pool water is it becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes aren't only the cause of an annoying bug bite; they also can carry with them life-threatening diseases such as:

  • Malaria
  • West Nile Virus
  • Dengue Fever

The last thing you want is to provide an environment for mosquitoes to take up residence. Mosquitoes have four stages of their life cycle, and three of those stages occur in the water - stagnant water.

How to Prevent Stagnant Pool Water

Just like you perform regular maintenance on your swimming pool, it is advisable you also conduct regular checks for stagnant pool water. Here are the most common places that stagnant water is found around a swimming pool.

  • Pool water - ensure that all your pump and filtration parts are working correctly. As long as they are working, and your water is moving, you are good. Also, make sure your chemicals are balanced so that they kill any possible bacteria.
  • Small wading pool- if you have a small wading pool, or perhaps a small tub of water to rinse feet off before entering a pool, these are inviting to mosquitoes. The best practice for these is to dump them every day and then fill with fresh water the next time you need it.
  • Water on top of the pool cover - If you have had excessive rain and do not use your pool regularly, it is possible for the water on top of your cover to become stagnant. Make sure that water does not sit there for too long, as mosquitoes only need one inch of water to lay eggs.
  • Landscaping - check the area surrounding your pool for possible conditions of stagnant water. This could be holes in the ground or a landscape ornament that is trapping water. Make sure the area around the pool is free from prime egg-laying conditions.

While most pool owners will not need to worry about having stagnant pool water, it is wise to know what to look for, and how to prevent it.

Do you have more questions about stagnant pool water? Do you suspect a leak or have a pool repair problem that is more than you can handle? Let the team at Aquaman Leak Detection put you at ease. Contact us today.

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