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Top 3 Signs Your Pool May Be Leaking

On Mar 28, 2016


Your pool's water level looks a little lower than usual.

You ask: "is my pool leaking?" The answer is likely to be "yes", but it is fixable if you act immediately.

Here are 3 Signs Your Pool May Be Leaking

1. The most obvious sign of pool leakage is a lower water level. Evaporation accounts for one-quarter to one-half inch of water a day, based on weather. The Florida sun may cause a half-inch of water loss during dryer summer days.

Pool use and splashing can also be responsible for lowering the water level. But this is usually inconsistent where a leak will be consistent. Your pool or hot tub has a recommended water level line, usually halfway in the skimmer. A water level indicator may also be decorative tile bordering the inside of the pool. Watch the level in relation to this border when the pool is not in use and the pump is off.

2. Check for water on the floor or ground in the pump area. This can be the result of a leaking hose or bad impeller. Air in the intake portion of the circulation system is another indication of a leak in the pump and plumbing system. A circulating fountain or waterfall may cause a similar problem. Inspect the skimmer and the intake hose in pools and spa tubs.

Immediate repairs may be necessary to keep the pump and motor system working efficiently.

3. Look for excessive water around the pool on the decking, grass and landscape area. A leak in the underground plumbing lines will allow water to escape into the soil. This will eventually cause flooding and other problems if it is not fixed. Soil can also seep into the pool changing water color and visibility.

Water on the ground below an above-ground pool is a sure sign of a leak. Excessive water around pond landscaping is also a sign of leakage.

Confirming the Leak

The basic bucket test will answer "is my pool leaking?". Once the bucket test proves positive, check the entire pool or hot tub for areas that might be cracked or torn. Inspect all fittings, railings, lights, tiles and other fixtures.

Download your free step-by-step bucket test guide to check for leaks in your swimming pool. 

Plumbing leaks may be more difficult to locate. Aquaman Leak Detection uses high-tech-sounding equipment to find plumbing leaks in the ground so you do not have to tear up the decking. Your pump and motor system will also be inspected. The underwater surface of the pool will be inspected, including the drain.

Contact Aquaman Leak Detection if you suspect a leak in your pool. You can get an estimate on repair costs and immediate service in an emergency throughout Florida. Aquaman offers full warranties on all repairs.

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