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Top Free Resources Every Pool Owner Needs

On Jun 25, 2018

Top Free Resources Every Pool Owner Needs

When it comes to pool ownership and maintenance there are a lot of details to remember.  We understand you would rather spend your time relaxing around your pool rather than cleaning it or looking for leaks which is why we work hard to continually create new resources every few months just for you. Our resources include everything from pool maintenance guides to pool leak detection resources.

Here’s a Round-Up of Our Free Aquaman Resources:


Turn Your Backyard into an Oasis

Our newest offer is a fun guide to help you consider style, budget, safety, noise, trends, and convenience, to create an individualized backyard oasis your whole family will enjoy. We cover features such as waterfalls and waterslides. This guide is designed to help you consider all the fun features you can incorporate in your backyard oasis.

Complete Guide to Pool Ownership

Our eBook aims to save you hours of time and frustration in operating your pool. We've included helpful and practical information just as pool chemical basics, types of pool filters and more.

Pool Maintenance Checklist

We've put together an easy to follow Pool Maintenance Checklist to make keeping up with necessary tasks simple for pool owners. We’ve included weekly, and monthly things to remember for year-round swimming pool up-keep.

Home Pool Safety Checklist

As a responsible homeowner, we know home pool safety is of utmost importance to you. Our Safety Checklist covers swimming pool gates, pool part covers, and emergency preparations.

Pool Opening Checklist

Opening your pool for the summer doesn’t need to be a hassle. Our pool opening checklist covers all the details of getting your pool and spa tub ready for summer fun!

Bucket Test Guide

The bucket test is the easiest way to determine if your pool is losing water from an undiscovered leak or natural evaporation. This guide walks you through how to perform a bucket test as well as how to go about getting a leak repaired. This is a handy guide for both residential and commercial swimming pool owners.

Swimming Pool Leak Calculator

Once you determine you have a leak, it’s important to know how much water loss is costing you. This calculator will help you determine the ROI of a quick leak repair.

Guide to Eco-Friendly Pool Ownership

Save money while going green with our guide on Eco-Friendly Pool Ownership. It offers great ways to reduce expenses and helpful tips on how to ensure you are doing your part to reduce the environmental impact that can come from owning a pool. We highlight how to conserve water, minimize pool pump energy, use lower energy pool lights and more. You will want to download the eco-friendly pool guide today!

Beginners Guide to Swimming Pool Maintenance

Owning a swimming pool for the first time can be overwhelming! This guide will help you keep your swimming pool clean, in great condition and free from leaks so you can focus on enjoying your new pool.

Winter Pool Guide

Even in Florida, we need to prepare our swimming pools for winter. We’ve created a comprehensive guide including details on cleaning the pool, checking the chemical balance, running the pump and checking for leaks.

Complete Guide to Spa Tub Maintenance

We also have your spa tub maintenance covered! Use our guide to stay on top of necessary maintenance without spending a lot of time, energy, or expenses keeping your spa tub in great shape.

Our resources are all free and available to download. Aquaman Leak Detection provides leak detection services and repair to all of Florida. All of our technicians are licensed divers. They are trained and equipped with specialized equipment designed to quickly and efficiently repair leaks the first time. Give us a call today to schedule your leak detection repair.

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