How to Patch a Pool with Water in it

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Common Above Ground Pool Leaks

It may be easier to discover a leak in an above ground swimming pool; it still takes a little detective work to determine where the leak is as well as the best steps for a repair. A bucket test will confirm if a pool leak is present but finding the.

What to do if Your Pool Loses Water in the Winter

Does it look like the cover of your pool is lower? Is there water on the grass or cement that doesn’t seem to be weather related? If your covered pool loses water in the winter, you probably have a leak. You need to roll back the cover occasionally.

If Your Pool Lost Water Overnight Check for Leaks

If your pool lost water overnight and it is more than the quarter-inch due to evaporation, you probably have a leak. Evaporation accounts for a minor amount of water lost each day. Losing a half-inch or more overnight indicates a problem.

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