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Want to Conserve More Water in Your Pool? Check For Leaks!

On Sep 6, 2016


Pool water conservation is important everywhere, even in Florida's humid climate. Water loss due to evaporation is normal. However, pool and spa tub leaks waste water and can cause property damage. The ground can become saturated leading to other problems. Your grass and landscaping do not need chlorinated water. Your water bill goes up as the pool level goes down.

Checking For Leaks

The simple bucket test performed on a dry day will give you an indication of a pool leak. Follow the bucket test instructions here to calculate your water loss versus evaporation. Your evaporation rate on a normal day is about one-half inch. It is less on humid days. And don't even worry about it when a drenching rainstorm moves through.

There are a few areas where it is easy to find a leak. Check the following if the bucket test suggests a leak:

  • Look for a crack or tears in the pool's surface based on its materials.
  • Check all fittings, fixtures, skimmer, and drains.
  • Look closely at the ground and decking for underground plumbing leaks.
  • Check the pump room area for water on the floor.

Water Loss Damage

A circular pool 16 feet in diameter can lose over five gallons of water and hour depending on the leak. A round seven-foot diameter hot tub losing a couple of inches a day may waste about two gallons an hour based on its depth.

Hot tub spas and many in-ground pools are fiberglass. The average fiberglass pool is 16 feet across since it is a one-piece pre-fabricated unit that is shipped to its location. The leak may not be from the pool itself since fiberglass is very sturdy. An underground pipe may be the cause of the leak. This should be fixed immediately before it soaks the ground.

The in-ground fiberglass pool must have substantial backfill to even the pressure on the ground from the water in the shell. If the ground becomes saturated from a leak, the pool can buckle or bulge inward from the pressure of the wet ground. This can damage the surface and lead to cracks.

Above ground and freestanding pool owners must also be aware of pool water conservation. A leak from the drain or pool surface can undermine the raised deck while the ground becomes saturated.

Professional Help

Aquaman Leak Detection will find underground leaks using the latest patented high-tech ultrasound equipment. Most leaks can be easily fixed when they are detected. Pool surface leaks are also quickly repaired using the materials that work best with the pool's surface material.

Aquaman's professional staff is aware of the need for pool water conservation in Florida. We serve Brevard County and all of Florida with immediate service to find and repair swimming pool and spa leaks. Pool Leak Detection FL


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We now proudly serve all of Florida. Each of our trained and certified pool leak detection specialists utilize the most advanced methods and technologies.

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