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Warning: You're Losing Money by not Checking for Leaks!

On Nov 28, 2016

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A swimming pool leak can be costly. Ignoring a leak can lead to the following problems:

  • Ruining your pump system
  • Allowing algae to take over your pool
  • Losing water and increasing your water cost

These are only a few of the major problems that can develop from ignoring a leak. Let's take a look at them in detail:

Pump System

You may have a leak at the intake line at the skimmer. This plumbing line may be underground or under the deck. You may not notice the leak until your water level drops significantly.

Sucking air into the system can ruin the pump motor and filtration system. Water has to circulate through the system to keep it cool and clean. The filters need water to sift out the dirt that is not swept up in the vacuum. An underground crack may bring more dirt into the filter and clog the system.

A leak in the plumbing line of an in-ground fiberglass pool can saturate the ground around it. The wet ground can push in the sides of the pool and the pressure can produce cracks in the surface. This applies to in-ground spa tubs, as well.

Replacing a pool motor can start at $350 and go up from there. A pump system that is well-maintained will last for many years.

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Algae Infestation

Algae and moss can grow along the side of your pool as the water level gets lower. The pH balance is thrown off allowing bacteria and other pathogens to grow. Mosquitoes, including the anopheles variety that carries diseases, can breed in a dirty pool.

The purpose of a pH balance is to control the acid and alkaline levels in the water. Chlorine prevents the growth of algae and larvae but it will leak with the water. Pools with covers should still have the water level and pH balance checked when the pool is not in use.

Energy and Water Bills

If your water bill is suddenly higher, look for a leak in your pool, especially if you are filling it more frequently. This applies to hot tub spas, as well. Check the water level when you uncover the pool and look for leaks if the water is lower than usual. Fixing a slow leak will save water and energy costs.

Pool Repairs

A swimming pool leak can be easily repaired, depending on the type of pool and the location of the leak.

In-ground gunite and concrete pools with a plaster coating can crack after many years of use. Drains can become loose and need to be tightened. This is not difficult for an expert pool repair service. The pool will not have to be drained.

Surface cracks can also be repaired without draining gunite pools. Tiles and grouting at the waterline are also easy to replace. Resurfacing a gunite pool can run thousands of dollars.

When performing a dye test on a vinyl pool, a red dye locates the tear. Vinyl in-ground and above ground pools come with patch kits that should be used as soon as you find a tear in the liner.

Fast action to find and repair a swimming pool leak will extend the life of your pool. Aquaman Leak Detection will help you find a leak in your pool and the plumbing system. Our patented leak detection technology is used to locate underground leaks. Your decking does not need to be torn up to find the problem. Repairs can be made quickly.

Contact Aquaman Leak Detection for service in Brevard County and all of Florida. We locate and fix leaks the same day.

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