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10 Quick Tips to Prevent Commercial Pool Leaks

On Aug 1, 2016


Commercial swimming pool leaks can affect business at a resort. Health club and country club members also want their pools to be free of leaks. People using the pools are usually willing to pay attention to rules that will keep the pools in good condition.

The National Swimming Pool Foundation offers a certification program for commercial swimming pool operators. This includes maintenance technicians, facility managers and environmental health officials who may inspect public and commercial pools. The program offers information on pool safety and preventing leaks whenever possible.

Here are 10 Quick Tips to Prevent Commercial Pool Leaks

The following suggestions are offered by swimming pool operators to keep commercial pools in good condition.

1. Post polite rules if you can that inform people that any type of hard or sharp object does not belong in a pool. People may take plastic cups and use only inflatable toys in the pool.

2. Keep heavy tables and chairs away from the pool at resorts. Use only lightweight lounges, tables and chairs that won't harm the decking or the pool shell if they end up in the water.

3. Splash out is a major problem that can lower the water level in a pool. It can also be a safety issue. Encourage people not to run, jump or splash whenever possible. Lowering the water level can lead to pump and filter problems.

4. Check all railings, connections, diving boards and fittings daily to make sure they are tight. The pool drain should also fit tightly. A loose drain or connection can result in residential and commercial swimming pool leaks.

5. Check for loose tiles and cracks in decorative work in the pool on a regular basis. The tiles can become loose and tear away from the surface with heavy use. This will weaken the grouting and plaster and it can result in leaking.

6. Swim-up bars are popular in resort pools. The connections at the base of the bar seats should be inspected for cracks and tears.

7. Clean the skimmer several times during the day when the pool receives heavy use. Debris clogging the intake lines can cause problems with the pump system.

8. The maintenance technicians at a resort or health club should inspect the pump room daily for water on the floor. The decking should also be checked for unusual puddles that could indicate a broken plumbing line.

9. Commercial swimming pool leaks can be caused by cracks in the surface due to continual use. The composition of the pool surface is very important. Check fiberglass pools frequently for spider type of cracks that can spread rapidly across the surface. Fiberglass pools are very durable but a sharp object hitting the side can cause fissures.

10. Check out the catch basin or trough in a vanishing edge or "infinity" pool. This is a popular design at resorts. The catch basin should have a skimmer, but debris can collect in it.

The overflow channel along the edges under the coping or deck in a health club or country club pool must also be inspected. The skimmer works with it but you may find hair bands, bandages, chewing gum and other debris in this overflow channel.

Commercial swimming pool leaks must be found and repaired immediately to keep swimmers happy and reduce the cost of damage and repairs. If you suspect a leak, call Aquaman Leak Detection. Our high tech leak detection equipment will save time and money. You will receive fast service in Brevard and 10 neighboring counties in Central Florida.

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