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What to Look for in a Pool Leak Detection Service

On Dec 19, 2016

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A pool leak detection service should be able to give you immediate assistance in finding and repairing a leak. Allowing a pool to continue leaking when you can't repair it yourself can be costly. You need the following services:

  • Quick response from a reliable company
  • Equipment necessary to find an underground leak
  • Repair materials
  • Experienced repair technicians

A qualified leak detection service will meet all of the qualifications with quick service, tools, and other equipment.

Leaks Under The Deck

Underground and under the deck leaks are difficult to find. They may be the cause of the unusually low water level in your pool. The ground shifting or settling after a heavy rain can cause a minor leak in the PVC intake or return plumbing lines. This small break in the PVC allows water to leak into the ground, saturating the deck area and landscaping.

A special ultrasonic locator will find the leak in minutes. Aquaman's experienced repair technician will make a small hole in the deck, locate the leaking pipe and repair it if possible. Plumbing lines rarely have to be replaced unless the entire pipe breaks in several places.

The pump area is also inspected to ensure it is working correctly, particularly when water is on the pump room floor.  Often, a clogged skimmer will keep water from circulating freely through the filtration system. A leak in the return or intake lines can also damage the pump, especially if it is taking in air.

Leaks In The Pool Surface

A loose drain or a small crack in the plaster is not always easy to find. A trained diver can locate and fix the drain at the bottom of the pool with the right equipment. The diver can stay down as long as necessary with SCUBA or other air delivery systems.

A red dye is used to find cracks in the surface of gunite and plaster pools. This dye can be used on fiberglass pools although those cracks can be more noticeable. A two-part epoxy is used to fill plaster cracks. It is not necessary to drain the pool.

Vinyl pools are likely to tear. A professional leak detection service will inspect the vinyl lining carefully using dyes if the visual observation cannot find the leak.

Aquaman Leak Detection encourages pool owners to use the bucket test to determine if there is a leak. The next step is to check all fittings including ladders and railings to make sure they are tight. Finally, call our service to make immediate repairs.

Aquaman serves Brevard and ten neighboring counties in Central Florida coast-to-coast. We repair residential and commercial pools. Our expert technicians have also been called to repair pools in the Bahamas as well as Texas and California. Necessary repairs are immediately taken care of, and our work is guaranteed.

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We now proudly serve all of Florida. Each of our trained and certified pool leak detection specialists utilize the most advanced methods and technologies.

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