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A Clean Deck Means A Cleaner Pool

On May 1, 2017

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The best strategy to keep the bottom of the pool and the water clean is the make sure you have a clean deck. Dirt and debris fall into the pool from your pool deck. A clean deck will keep sand, dirt, leaves, twigs and other debris out of the skimmer and filter.

The type of decking you have around the pool will determine how to clean it. A narrow deck with grass and plantings around it will contribute more debris to the pool than a more extensive concrete or wood deck. Additionally, swimmers carry dirt on their feet even if they shower before swimming. A clean deck will minimize the dirt that sticks to their feet.

In-Ground Pool Decks

A gunite pool that is set in the ground usually has a stone or concrete deck around it. The pool deck may feature non-slip tiles. These are easy to clean. A daily hosing or brushing may be necessary to keep the area free of debris. This depends on the landscaping.

A pool cover is the first defense against flying debris in a wind and rain storm. Cleaning the deck before the pool is uncovered is the best way to keep the water clean.

An occasional pressure wash will remove stains, algae and other debris set into the concrete and paving stones. It should also wash away loose bits of concrete or grout.

You can also wash the decks with a hose and a stiff brush on a broom handle. A solution of bleach and water works well on most surfaces. Non-toxic cleaners are also good. Wash all dirt into a patio drain or surrounding landscape. Special pool non-slip deck sealers are available for concrete decking.

An infinity pool must have clean decks to keep debris out of the drain system along one side of the pool. A plugged drain will not allow the water to circulate through the pump system.

Dirt at the bottom of your pool probably comes from the deck. A daily brushing is necessary for a sparkling clean pool if there is any dirt on the deck.

Above Ground Pools

You may have a fiberglass pool with a raised rim and deck. Dirt needs to be hosed off frequently.

A clean pool entirely above the ground also needs the surrounding decks washed and occasionally brushed with a stiff sweeper.

Wood decking commonly found with above-ground pools should be washed the same way as concrete. A special non-slip sealer can be applied to the wood. A raised deck usually allows good water run-off. 

Check your pool drains and skimmer baskets frequently for debris. Keeping your deck free of dirt will make it easier to clean the skimmer and filter.

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