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Installing a New Pool? Avoid These Mistakes

On Feb 5, 2018

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Is this the year you will install a new pool in your backyard? A pool will increase the value of your home and provide enjoyment for your family and friends. It’s especially enjoyable here in Brevard County Florida where the warmer weather lasts for several months.

Still, there are several items to consider before you start digging up your backyard. We’ve compiled a list of the most important things to discuss with your pool contractor.

When installing a new pool here are the mistakes to avoid:

Don't be in a hurry to install the least expensive pool.

Take a long look at the future of your home and who will use the pool. You may want to install a new pool for a growing family. You may want to add an attached hot tub spa or freestanding spa tub.

Install the type of pool that will last for years, even decades, rather than a pool that has a limited lifespan. An in-ground concrete or gunite pool will last the longest. Fiberglass and vinyl pools have a shorter lifespan.

You want your swimming pool to be in good condition when you are ready to sell your home. Select the pool design that you will be able to maintain and keep in good shape for several years.

Selecting a pool based on how it looks in photos can be a major mistake.

Different styles of pools fit better in certain spaces. Your backyard terrain will help determine the best shape and size pool for your space. It’s a good idea to try to install a pool and deck that complement your home. Ideally, it should look and feel as if your pool was always there.

Fiberglass pools come in one piece, so there is a limited selection of size and shape. Many options up to 16' in width are available in fiberglass. Concrete pools can be designed in many different shapes and sizes to fit any yard.

Do not forget to interview several contractors.

There are many swimming pool contractors throughout Florida who will install a new pool that will give you and your family years of enjoyment. Talk to people who will go into detail about the types of pools that will fit into your yard.

Reliable contractors are aware of your water table. They know how to backfill a fiberglass pool or set the foundation for a concrete pool. To ensure proper installation of your in-ground vinyl-lined pool have it installed by a professional contractor.

They will also know where to fit the plumbing lines and the pump room. Your contractor should explain the pump systems and the difference between a saltwater and freshwater pool.

Reliable contractors will also know the best type of deck and landscaping for your pool area. Contractors will recommend lighting and other decorative features.

Don’t ignore warranty information regarding the new pool.

All pools will come with a warranty from the installer and the pump system manufacturer. Understand all of this information before you sign any contract. Various warranties are available for various pools.

A fiberglass pool shell may come with a 25-year warranty while the gel coat on the pool has a warranty for seven to ten years. Many vinyl-lined pools come with a prorated warranty that only gives full coverage of the liner for five years. This means you will need to cover the expense of replacing a vinyl liner every seven to ten years.

Do not forget about safety.

You must have a fenced yard, a primary safety requirement often necessary for the permits needed for pool installation. Check out automatic safety devices that include locking gates and alarms.

Safety lighting is necessary. Many pool covers provide safety for children and adults who could accidentally fall into a pool.

A new pool should be free of leaks and other problems, but as with any pool concerns, it’s important to contact leak experts for any pool repairs. Contact Aquaman Leak Detection if you suspect a leak in your new pool. We cover Central Florida we are able to find and repair a leak often with one service call.

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